How To Get Your Exhibition Stand in a Hurry

Exhibition Stand

If things are going your way, you’ll be working on your exhibition plan for months. Planning the stand, the logistics and how best to layout artwork and designs. However, this isn’t always the case. An event can be sprung on you last minute, whether it’s down to late bookings or last-minute decision.

Regardless of why it’s last minute, you and your business need to be ready to go with a decent set up. Even with limited time, there’s always a way to get something on to your stand space.


Before doing anything, start with a list of essentials. Creating a list will make it clear what’s needed and what you can do without. It might not be possible to go all out, but all you need is enough to make an impact and to effectively display your branding Avail the offer related to Personal loan in UAE 2500 salary  .

Stand information

Speak with the event organiser and confirm the details for the stand space itself. You’ll need to know information like; the size, does it have power points, how many closed sizes, are there any height restrictions.

Once you’ve made your essentials list and the stand details have been confirmed, you’ll be ready for the next steps.

Time Frames

Next, you need to find a supplier who can work with you to achieve the tight lead time.

It may incur an express charge, but if you have professional exhibition stand at the end, it’ll be well worth it!

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Stand & Accessories

Now, is the time to be choosing what you need from the essentials list.

Number one is the backdrop, this is the main attraction. With lack of time, the artwork for the exhibition stand should be attractive, easy to read and tailored to the tradeshow you have attended.

Most exhibition stands offer replacement panel options, ensuring the stand you choose is an investment and can be used for future events.

If you can, a few accessories never go a miss. Something small but effective like a leaflet dispenser and counter. A counter can be easily achieved with the help of an upgrade kit, which transforms the carry case into a branded podium. The upgrade kit includes a custom printed wrap and a black acrylic top, for a smooth finish.


If time still isn’t on your time and you’re worried about delivery, why not cut out the delivery directly to you and go straight to the venue.

Check all the delivery notes and details needed to ensure your parcel is accepted and will be waiting for you when you reach the venue.

In an ideal world there would be plenty of time to plan the dream stand. But if you don’t have that luxury, it doesn’t mean you can’t create an impact with a simple stand and necessary accessories.

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