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How To Have a Raffle Without Calling It a Raffle (Legally)

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Have you ever wanted to do an event with a raffle but were worried about all the regulations surrounding it?

Raffles became very popular during the pandemic later year, and everybody wanted to indulge in them, but many people worried about whether they were legal. The good news is that the answer is yes–raffles are legal–but you can do them in some ways that avoid the red tape of legality.

What follows is a guide on how to have a raffle without calling it a raffle.

Pick a Category

Pick a category is a popular way of having a raffle without legally having to refer to it as a raffle. This can be done by giving participants a specific topic (such as a movie or food) and having them enter by submitting their creative suggestions in that category.

For example, if the topic books, participants can submit the title of a book they think would be great to read. The person who offers the most creative suggestion will win the prize. This can be made more exciting by involving elements like community voting or judges deciding who the winner is.

It’s also a great way to engage the participants and allow them to show off their creativity and knowledge. Participants can also share their entries on social media with Raffle Web Design and tag their friends to increase interest and participation.

No Purchase Necessary

To have an online raffle without legally calling it a raffle, you must create a promotion that does not require a purchase to participate. This means that if the raffle requirements are met, anyone can enter.

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To ensure that it is a legally sound promotion, you must state in all advertisements that “no purchase necessary” is required to enter. Further disclaimers should also be in place, like saying that the odds of winning depend on the number of entries and other qualifications that may be asked.

Check the Laws

Some states do not allow them, and the regulations can be complicated. If the event is legal, holding an auction or sweepstakes is the best way to avoid calling it a raffle.

To hold an auction, collect items from local businesses or donations and offer people the chance to bid on them. Sweepstakes involve selling tickets for a drawing, and winners receive an item of value. This way, you can still raise money and give away prizes, but you don’t have to call it a raffle.

Set the Rules

Clearly state all the rules, such as the fee amount, the types of raffle prizes being awarded, and when and how the winners will be chosen. Set regulations for the promotion to ensure fairness, such as limiting the number of entries per person and denying any individual from entering more than once. Consider asking a third party to handle the admissions and the selection process to decide who will win.

How To Have a Raffle Without Calling It a Raffle Successfully

Following our simple steps above on how to have a raffle without calling it a raffle, you can increase engagement, attract customers, and even increase sales. You have to create a competition that involves random chance, and you are off to the races.

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It is always possible to host an exciting competition to bring customers closer. So, start planning your match today!

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