How to inhale a Vape device? A step by step guide

Step by step guide on how to smoke a vape device

In recent years, the popularity of vaping has soared. It is believed that vaping is slightly less harmful than smoking. It also aids in the cessation of smoking. Vape devices generate aerosol by heating nicotine, flavorings, and other chemicals. Tobacco cigarettes, on the other hand, contain approximately 7,000 chemicals, which become more toxic when burned. We are unaware of the chemical we are inhaling when we smoke, but here we are aware that nicotine is present in vape devices. 

So, what exactly is a THC vape device? Vaping devices are battery-powered devices that allow users to inhale an aerosol that generally (not always) contains THC. They can look like conventional tobacco cigarettes, cigars, pipes, or even household items such as pens or USB memory sticks.

What are Components of Vape Devices?

It is necessary to comprehend the Vape device because you will be putting a device in your mouth that runs on electricity.  You should be aware of its components as well as their function. A standard vape device generally consist of following components listed below; 

Mouthpiece-  The mouthpiece of a vaporizer is simply the part of the vaporizer where you place your mouth to inhale vapor. Most mouthpieces include a filter screen and are made from a variety of materials. They are also available in a variety of shapes to help improve the flavor of your vapor and ease your vaping experience. It is also known as drip tip. Tanks use two types of standard drip tips: 510 and 810. The 810 drip tip has a diameter of 12.5mm, while the 510 drip tip has a diameter of 8.5mm.

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Atomizers-  A metal coil and a wick are used in the atomizer (usually made out of cotton). The coil is heated by the battery. The wick absorbs and heats the e-juice. The heated e-liquid evaporates. A vape device cannot function properly without an atomizer. Generally, the atomizer is sold with the tank.

Battery-  The vape is powered by the battery. There are different types of batteries for different vapes, and you should buy the one that works best with your device. Vape Device’s batteries are classified into three types:

  • Disposable:  As the name suggests they are intended to be discarded once used. They cannot be recharged. They have short lifespans. 
  • Integrated Batteries- These are built-in batteries and can not be removed from the device. They have a finite range of rechargers after which the device must be discarded.
  • Removable Batteries- These batteries are rechargeable. They can be replaced when they no longer recharge. Removable and rechargeable batteries are more commonly found in higher-end devices.
  • E-liquids- The solution that is in a vape device for the purpose of vaping is known as e-liquid or e-juice. When you use the vape device, the battery provides the energy to heat up the e-liquid, transforming it into a smooth vapor when inhaled. E-liquids provide complete versatility by allowing vapers to experiment with e-liquid flavors in non-nicotine or nicotine strengths. It is available in various flavors to choose from. 
  • Tank- A vape tank is the part of your vape device which contains the coil that vaporizes your e-liquid.  The main purpose of tanks is to allow liquid in the tank section to soak into the wick, which comes into contact with the coil. Tanks are generally cylindrical, with glass bodies and a metallic top and bottom section. They have a stem that runs up the center and is connected to a coil at the bottom that leads up to the mouthpiece. 
  • Fire Button-  The main function of fire buttons is to turn your device on or off. When you want to puff, press the fire button. Some devices may not have a fire button and instead draw automatically when you inhale.
  • Display Screen-  Vape mods with adjustable controls require display screens. You can see the wattage, coil resistance, voltage, ampere, and sometimes even the puff count on the displays
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How to use a vaping device?

Once you have your vaping device in your hand Check the product descriptions carefully because some kits require a battery that must be purchased separately. Follow any filling instructions that come with the device and fill it. Inhaling from a vape device is very similar to smoking, but you will most likely need to hold a button while inhaling. Holding the button while not inhaling may cause the coil inside the device to overheat or burn. When you first start vaping, the way you inhale can either enhance or derail the experience. Incorrect intake may result in coughing or an unpleasant rush of nicotine. There are two types of Inhalation Techniques and the best inhalation technique is determined by the type of vape you intend to use.

Mouth-To-Lung-  A Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) inhale has two stages. First, you take the vapor and hold it in your mouth for a second. Then you inhale once more to bring the vapor into your lungs. Now you press the fire button, inhale into your mouth, then exhale. The MTL inhale is ideal for smokers who are adapting to vaping or for long-term vapers who prefer to inhale in the same way they did as smokers. MTL hits work best in smaller vapes with high resistance coils and high nicotine levels. 

Direct-to-Lung- Direct-to-Lung (DL or DTL) vaping is an entirely different process. Instead of a two-stage, mouth-then-lungs process, you inhale directly into your lungs in a single step. The DL hit is best suited for larger vapes with low resistance coils and low nicotine levels making it feel smooth and easy. This type of draw produces the most vapor and feels like a bong hit.

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