How to Like, Comment & Share as a Company on Linkedin in 5 Easy Steps?

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Recently, I stumbled across a simple project on LinkedIn in which I wanted to like, remark and share a user publish. Unlike Facebook in which you can exchange the user or organisation enticing with the put up, Linkedin Comments no longer presently have this option.

It initially appeared impossible to do on the platform however after a little digging I found a solution. I’m no longer the first man or woman to battle with this so I determined to make a quick, brief manual for getting around this hurdle. It’s a quick 5 step process so permit’s get started.

Step 1

This only works on desktops so placed down your cellphone or tablet and seize your computer or laptop. Log into your LinkedIn profile and click on the “Me” segment of the navigation bar.

Underneath your call, you’ll see two sections, Account and Manage. Under the Manage phase, select the company web page you need to like, remark and percentage with on a user’s post.

Step 2

Go to the URL of your LinkedIn organisation’s web page. Take a be aware of the numbers within the URL or just leave this page open in a unique tab on your browser. This is your employer’s ID number on LinkedIn. You’ll want these numbers in Step 4.

Step 3

Go to the submit you need to love, comment and proportion with your enterprise’s web page the usage of your private profile. Click at the 3 dots inside the upper-right nook of the put-up and pick “Copy link to publish”. Paste this URL into a new window or tab on your pc.

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Step 4

Now upload the subsequent to the submit’s URL you pasted in Step three, “/?ActorCompanyId=” and add your agency’s ID wide variety after the equals image. Your URL should look just like the screenshot below. Hit go back or enter on your keyboard to visit your new URL.

Step 5

You must see your organisation’s profile photograph beside the “Add a remark…” section under the submit. You can now like, remark and proportion as your enterprise’s profile.


You can already like, percentage and comment together with your company on posts you’ve shared using the corporation page and on community hashtags, you’ve related for your company’s page. The option to engage with consumer-generated content is unavailable which appears piece abnormal.

However, this little trick can be very beneficial on LinkedIn to power awareness for your agency page whilst you interact with content on the platform.

I’ve observed that users go to my web page and will observe it. With this method, customers are much more likely to peer and engage with the content you percentage within the destiny.

So, you can develop your following and logo on the LinkedIn platform which allows developing your online presence and your business as a whole. If you located this helpful, please subscribe to our publication below and observe us on social media to see what we get to!

By John Robert

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