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How to Make a Dental Website SEO Friendly

Dental SEO is the process to make the dental practice visible on the search engine.  A Dental SEO strategy is very important if you have to grow the practice and new patients flowing.  An online presence is very essential in today’s world. When a patient searches on the search engine for a dentist nearby, dental implant, or other combination of words, the SEO strategy will help the practice to appear on the top results. 

How to Design an SEO-Friendly Dental Website?

Here are some tips for the design of SEO friendly dental website- 

  1. Fonts & Colors: By selecting the correct font size and color can make a huge difference in the user experience. This is not the factor of ranking. But this can improve SEO performance. Different size fonts and colors help make the heading and subheading structure look more clear.  Setting the font size and color in web-color terms is important. 
  2. High-Quality Images: The stock images should not be used for the website. Though these images can be perfectly optimized, this won’t have the same impact as the high quality or the original images. The user doesn’t like the stock images and moves to another website. High-quality images make the website attractive.
  3. Latest UI/UX Trends: The web designer should be aware of the latest UI/UX trends that are prevailing in the market. Now brands are moving towards apps that can display their talent. Users like seeing websites that are trendy.
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How to Develop an SEO-Friendly Dental Website?

For making the website SEO friendly dental websites, you need to make certain changes and they are – 

  1. The search engine should be able to find your website – 

You must make sure that the search engine can find the website easily. Search engines check out websites that are created on a unique algorithm by using natural language. The website should have a fast loading time, URLs, small image and video files, meta titles, and descriptions. The website should not be outdated and no broken links should be included in the website.

  1. An attractively designed website The user experience should be kept as the top priority while designing the website. It should be well-designed and functional. For this, a professional designer should be hired for the success of the website. The designer must have SEO experience and knowledge about the dental industry. The website should have HIPAA and ADA-compliant practices, fast loading time, mobile friendly, and easy navigation. 
  2. Upload keyword-optimized original content – Keyword optimization also known as keyword research is to target the traffic from the search engines by selecting, researching, and analyzing the right keywords. The designed website should be relevant, interesting, and exclusive. It should include the newest information to grab the attention of the user.
  3. Put your practice on Google Mapsgoogle maps is an internet mapping service which is developed by Google. For attracting potential patients, you can put the practice on Google Maps. This is a good way for improving the rank of the website on google. For this, try to add more information by adding, photos, videos, and phone numbers.
  4. Add your practice to local citation sites and directoriesThe dental services should be mentioned on the local citations and directories for the visibility of the website. This will include the name, address, and contact number of the dental clinic.
  5. Must have a patient review sectionReviews are very important. They help in building the trust of potential customers. It is necessary to show on google that you are trusted by the patients. The reviews can also be added on Facebook, Instagram, and yelp. This will give a higher weightage of trust in the dental services you are offering. 
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Dental Marketing Company makes the strategy to attract potential customers as well as increase brand awareness. This helps in keeping the practice growing. To attract customers you need to have the best dental marketing tips. 

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