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How to make an abstract logo

Abstraction is absolutely universal. It can be used by both companies with the production of clothing, cosmetics, and marketing agencies, fitness centers, law firms. Abstraction is appropriate in all spheres of life, from politics to raising children. Ideal for anyone who does anything related to art.

Abstract images are better remembered, because they create an associative array.

They can be used by large enterprises and very small ones.

  First of all, you need to decide what message you want to see on your logo. With the help of abstractions, it is much easier to influence the emotions of your customers. Many of the largest companies have chosen abstraction for a reason.

An abstract logo does not mean that it cannot have an easily readable font. Having decided on the background, color, type of font, you can upload your parameters to the free Turbo Logo generator. And get a ready-made, individual logo in a few seconds.

   Step-by-step instruction

Enter your company name. You can come up with a suitable slogan.

Choose the colors that suit your activity. Remember that color grabs attention first of all, if you need more attention on the inscription than on the picture, it is better to choose muted, not too bright tones. Maybe even black and white. And vice versa, if you want the picture to immediately catch your eye, choose a bright color, or a combination of colors.

  Choose the image that best matches the style of the company.

When choosing individual details of the image, consider what psychological impact they will have. For example, a sharp square means stability, quick and clear decisions. Round shapes are perfect for companies working with children, because circles carry a benevolent message, care, and attention.

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The triangle, this is leadership, the UN is perfect for those who position themselves as already established in the service or sales market.

Then take a look at the result. If something does not stand out as it should, you can edit it.

In the generator, creating a logo will not take much time. You just need to imagine what you want to receive.

Think about what can attract your potential audience and use this image.

   Advantages of an abstract logo

With the help of abstraction, you can create a truly unique logo. This visual image will be associated only with your company. At the same time, if you choose the right colors and shapes, the logo will immediately give out the position of the enterprise, the character of the brand. Do not use too many elements, conciseness is always appropriate and looks better than a lot of details that overload the brain.

Each person will perceive the image in his own way, and will create an associative array in the brain. This means that your logo will definitely be remembered.

Abstraction can create both a businesslike, serious atmosphere, and a soft, calm, friendly one.

If your brand is completely new, it is better to choose an abstract logo with a well-read mini slogan, so it will not only be unique, but also instantly memorable.

Dario Smith