How To Manage A Startup Business With Just A Mobile Spy App

When I started my antique piece collection business I knew that it would be easy as I have market experience working with such pieces. But deep down I knew that maybe this is one of such businesses that can cost you a fortune if you make one wrong move. For example, the huge money on a fake piece may cost you enough that you will never gain your trust back. So when I started business there were a whole lot of people who warned me about the cons. I was smart enough to start with a bunch of people who I trusted the most and they have never proved me wrong but this is the kind of business where you have to come out of your comfort zone. So I had to hire unknown people, for simple work and more and that is when things started to go wrong. I found out that some of the employees are even charging extra money as a commission from the most elite and loyal customers and that was costing me my business. See in the case of collections and antiques your reputation is your biggest card. If any bad case or scam has ruined your reputation you are as good as finished in the market. So right from the start, my focus was to build a positive reputation that customers trust. But unfortunately, ground relations were the hindrance. I had a backup plan but initially, I was being positive by thinking that may I will never need it. But soon enough I realized that I have to check out the details otherwise my start-up business was about to crash before even flying out.

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My backup plan was to get employee monitoring done through the Mobile Spy App. You must have heard about the technology that allows the user to watch the employee’s every move through their smart gadgets. Well, I was planning to get that to keep a thorough check on the employees. Initially, I started with the monthly plan of the TheOneSpy Mobile Spy App and after successful testing, I upgraded it to the yearly plan. Here is what I had to do to manage my business more professionally through the TheOneSpy employee monitoring app.

The Conditions:

Some conditions must be fulfilled by the employer’s end to use the employee monitoring app. For example, you can only watch the employees through company-owned devices. It is neither legal nor moral right to monitor the employees through their smart tools even if it is for the sake of work. So the company got the official gadgets for all the employees who were especially dealing directly with the customers. That included the delivery guys, people who manage the orders, the online digital marketing team, and more.

  • With the GPS location tracker feature, one can track the real-time location of the target employee at any given time. We can track the location of the employees easily without letting them know.
  • The camera bug feature allows the user to know about the surroundings and whereabouts of the target employees. Some of the employees were found charging extra money and were fired right away. 
  • You can listen to any important meeting of employees and customers just like you are present in the room with the mic bug feature. It gives the user remote access through the mic of the target gadget. Track the employees who are unprofessional with the customers and take action against them
  • In case just like me, you have a digital marketing campaign and promotions going on you can use the TheOneSpy Mobile Spy App to manage the campaigns as well. For example with the Instagram spy app, you can track the stories, post content, and even check customer reactions directly with a remote eye. 
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Another thing that is important to mention here is that you can only install the Mobile Spy App in the target smart gadget when you have physical access to the device. So for installation, you must have physical access, after that, all the monitoring can be handled remotely without any issue.  Once the app has been installed the TheOneSpy Mobile Spy App tracked a lot of black sheep in the company.  

By Sonia James

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