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How to prepare for an interview

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1. Introduction

An interview is an important part of the recruitment process for employers and applicants alike. To make the most of an interview, applicants should be well prepared to respond to a range of questions and demonstrate their skills, experience and competencies in a professional and confident manner. Preparing for an interview in advance ensures that candidates are at their best and have the best chance of success.

2. Do your research

It is important to pay attention to the employer’s website and familiarize yourself with the company’s mission, goals and products, if this applies. To be able to talk intelligently and show your knowledge about what the company does, its clients and its staff, is a great way to impress.

In addition, research the role you are applying for including the job description and any additional requirements. Reflect on your skills and experience, and be sure to use relevant examples when talking about the role during the interview.

3. Common interview questions

Though there are lots of common interview questions, some of which are “What brought you to apply for this position?”, “What have you learned from your previous job?”, “What are your weaknesses?” as well as “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”. Thinking about how to answer these questions in advance will leave you more prepared and confident when the time comes.

Practise answering these questions out loud and make sure you can answer in a friendly and confident way. Be careful not to come across overly rehearsed or stiff and practice speaking in a friendly yet professional manner.

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4. Conclusion

Being well prepared for an interview can be the difference between success and failure which is why taking the time to go over a few key points for success is important. Doing your research, practising answers to common interview questions and thinking about the job role are some important steps towards a successful interview. Nerves are normal and preparation can help reduce this feeling, making sure applicants can demonstrate their skills, experience and uniqueness and can give their best possible response and answer to the interviewer’s questions.


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