How to recognize a fake Supreme Box Logo Hoodie

Here is our authentication guide to authentically verify the Supreme Box Logo Hoodie. This includes the neck tags, box logo, side tag, and wash tags. You will find authentic comparisons of fake and real Supreme Hoodie to help you authenticate your product. Box Logo Hoodies are one of the most counterfeited items in fashion. They are available for as low as $150 and can fetch a resell markup of up to $1500. This is based on many factors. It is a lucrative opportunity for counterfeit sellers to profit from the 900% markup. This information will help you authenticate Supreme Box Logo copies to ensure that your money is not spent on fakes.

The Box Logo Position Method

When looking at a replica hoodie, the first thing you should do is to inspect the placement of the logo itself on the box. Compare the fake Supreme Box Logo replica and the real one below. You can see that the logo is exactly aligned with the original red supreme hoodie. The fake hoodie has the box logo, but it is not. It has the logo moved to the left or the fake image to the right.

You can see the differences in the position of the logo on the box by looking at the relationship between the pockets and the box. The difference in position can be clearly seen if we draw lines from the logo to the pocket.

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The Box Logo Method

You should check the stitching of the Supreme Box Logo hoodie if you want to identify a fake. You should be careful when verifying the authenticity of this detail.

  1. Spacing

The genuine Box Logo should have a bit more space for the letters. This is evident in the real vs. Below is a comparison of fake Supreme Box Logo Hoodie. The fake Supreme Box logo hoodie has very little space between each letter. This is an indication that the item may be fake.

  1. The letter “p”

This mistake is almost always made by fake makers. The letter p must be of a specific shape. The letter p should have a space similar to an “0” instead of an “o”. Check out the counterfeit versus. To learn more about the genuine Bogo comparison, please refer to the below.

  1. The letters “e” are the keywords

An authentic Supreme Bogo must also be stretched vertically. It shouldn’t look like an o. Fake Supreme Bogos are more likely to have a floating flaw. When we draw lines underneath the Supreme stitching, the e’s won’t be able touch the line. Their incorrect placement could cause this flaw.

  1. The letters’ thickness

Authentic Supreme Bogo letters are generally thicker than authentic. This is evident when you look at the letters “m” on the Supreme Box Logo Hoodie. Fake.

The stitching on the interior should be kept thin.

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The Neck Tag Method

When taking a look at the neck tags in the Supreme Box Logo Hoodie legit to verify, there are a few things you should consider. It is important to determine whether the neck tag is fake or genuine Supreme. Fake neck tags are usually sloppy than genuine ones.

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You can also measure the distance between the “Made in Canada” tag and the Supreme Hoodie’s neck tag to confirm its authenticity. You can see how close the fake tags were placed next to each other in the image below. The two fake tags on the Supreme Bogo hoodie are separated.

The positions of neck tags are another indicator that a fake Supreme neck tag is genuine. Authentic Supreme necktags are set so that if you draw lines below the tag that are smaller, and then continue drawing a line, the line will go over the “upreme”, which is the part with the larger size.

Take a look below at the fake and real Supreme Bogo neck tags to gain a better understanding. It is obvious that the line below the fake “Made in Canada” tag continues to remove the Supreme logo from one tag.

Method of the Backside Neck Tag

You should know some details about the reverse side of the Supreme neck label.

First, you should consider that the size indications should not be in direct contact with any open space. The fake Supreme neck tag image is below. It has almost no empty space beyond the size indication. The fake tag has a lot more empty space at the bottom.

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