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How To Select The Best Outdoor Subscription Boxes for Kids? 

A subscription box is a regular delivery of a box containing specialty goods. There are numerous subscription boxes available these days. Almost every interest you may have can be satisfied by the provided content. You can subscribe to any service you can think of; you name it: books, food, flowers, candles, plants, and sports.

Even though getting kids outside can be difficult, there are subscription boxes that can be useful. The finest kid subscription boxes keep youngsters engaged and provide entertaining activities.  

Numerous companies on the market offer outdoor subscription boxes, but how do you know which one is right for you and your kids?  

This article lists some factors you must consider to select the best outdoor subscription box for your kids.  

 1. Consider Your Requirements 

Consider your specific requirements when selecting a subscription box for your child’s adventure. Examine the activities you want them to participate in throughout the year and identify their needs.  

Do you require a bag that can hold all of your equipment? Do you want to start an outdoor hobby like hiking or camping? If so, what tools should you acquire? Answering these questions assists you in determining your requirements for the best outdoor subscription boxes for kids like Wanlow.  

Wanlow is designed for kids of age 6-11 and contains games, crafts, and activities that help your kid play outdoors and learn about nature. Additionally, the activities in the box help increase kids’ attention span, improve spacial knowledge, stimulate multiple senses and reduce stress. You can order your first Wanlow box for just $49.99 per month. The first welcome box you receive is packed with everything your kids need to kick off their outdoor adventure.  It includes a Hammock, Journal, Conservation Themed pen and pencil set, activity booklet full of activities, etc. In addition, you can pause, skip or cancel your subscription anytime and they offer free US shipping.  

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2. Location 

Your location determines the type of adventure you choose and the availability of subscription boxes. A company can mail the box once a month, but if you live far away, your package will take a long time to arrive. 

You can avoid this by looking for a company in your neighborhood. The closer the company, the sooner you will receive your subscription package. Companies with many offices worldwide will be more dependable due to their global coverage. 

3. Price 

 Price is always a factor when making any purchase, and the outdoor subscription box is no exception. Finding a box that fits your budget is crucial. Look for a box that corresponds to the amount you are willing to spend after giving it some thought. Some outdoor boxes may be more expensive than others due to their contents or frequency of delivery. Before signing up for a new outdoor subscription box, always check the price. 

Your subscription costs will be determined by the billing option you select. Monthly payment necessitates having the money at the end of each month. Annual subscriptions would require you to pay once a year. You can save money by purchasing a subscription box that comes once every three or six months.  

4. Ability to Give as a Gift  

Do you have little loved ones who enjoy outdoor activities just as much as you? You can get them a package to help them with their hobby. The ability to gift a subscription box is also a great way to connect with your friends and family. 

The ability to personalize a subscription box is the best part about giving one. You will know the child’s interests and select a package that meets their requirements. You can also pay for the box monthly, eliminating the possibility of missing a payment. 

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Finding a company that offers gifting ability is not difficult. You only need to check if the company offers this feature before placing an order. 

5. How frequently do you want it? 

Different subscription companies provide different frequency options for their boxes. Some businesses provide a box every month, while others offer a box every other month. As a way to increase the worth of your outdoor subscription box, frequency selection is essential. If you enjoy trying new things, a monthly box subscription is ideal. Each month, you’ll be able to try out new gear, snacks, and clothes. If, on the other hand, you are not looking for something more frequent, a box every other month may be ideal.  

You can also choose a delivery frequency based on the season. You should determine the best times for your activities. Camping, for example, may not be ideal in the winter. Consider a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual subscription if you only plan to camp in the summer. 


Outdoor adventures are incomplete without proper planning. Because there are so many options, choosing the best outdoor subscription box for your children can be difficult. When you understand everything involved, you can make selecting an outdoor subscription box easier. Identifying your needs and expectations is the best way to choose the best outdoor subscription box. Before making a purchase, consider the frequency of delivery, ability to customize, price, and contents of the box. 

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