How to Solve Linear First-Order Differential Equations Quickly and Efficiently

Linear first-order differential equations are one of the most important types of differential equations that can be solved, either analytically or numerically. Linear first-order differential equations are linear in terms of their dependent variable and describe how an unknown function responds to changes in some independent variable(s). This guide will provide you with a variety of techniques that you can use to solve linear first-order differential equations quickly and efficiently.

What are first order differential equations?

Differential equations are used in mathematics, physics, engineering, economics, and other disciplines. The goal is to find a function’s derivative with respect to time (or another independent variable). An important type of differential equation is the linear first order differential equation solver. These equations have constants in them that change depending on the situation. If there is only one unknown, we can solve for it with the following steps:

1) Find the linear first order differential equation solver’s slope at some point

2) Use this slope value to find y as a function of x from a linear approximation.

3) Graph y as a function of x and solve for what x equals when y is zero or close to zero.

4) Substitute this x value into the original linear first order differential equation solver to get an answer!

Why is it important to solve linear first order differential equations quickly?

Linear first order differential equations are of the utmost importance in many fields of study. For instance, they are often used in physics, chemistry, biology, or economics. In these fields there is a need for quick solutions so that people can continue on with their work.

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This becomes even more important when a solution needs to be found quickly because scientists have come up with an idea but they don’t know how to solve the equation yet. If they wait until they find out how to solve it then other people may beat them to it and publish the results before them. That would be devastating for any scientist because their work will not get published at all if someone else publishes their research first.

What if I can’t solve them quickly?

If you can’t solve a linear first order differential equation quickly, then you may need to use integration techniques such as the following:

Eliminate the y 2 term by multiplying both sides by y 1. This will result in an equation that has only one y term which is linear.

Remove all of the variables except for y from both sides of the equation so that it becomes an equation with a single variable for y. For example, if your equation is 3x + 2y = 5, then subtract 3x from each side of the equation so that it becomes 3x – 2y = 0. Doing this will make solving much easier because you now only have one unknown variable instead of two unknown variables. All you would need to do is find out what value of x would satisfy the equation. Find any value of x, substitute it into the original equation and see if they are equivalent or not. 

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