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How to Treat Migraines at Home

how to treat migraines at home

How to treat migraines at home?

Some people compare migraines to someone hitting a sledgehammer into the skull. Those who get them would agree, they’re one of the most painful experiences to endure.

Caffeine can dull the pain a bit on the spot, but what can you do if you’re at home and you have migraine symptoms? What can you do to ease the pain?

We’ll tell you what to do. Start reading on to find out how to treat migraines at home and make the process much less painful.

Take a Rest

When you feel a migraine coming on, find yourself a peaceful, dark place to lie down. Help your body relax by closing your eyes and unwinding in complete silence. If the environment is too bright or noisy, consider using an eye mask blocker or earplugs.

Also, avoid strong smells and odors that may make migraines more severe. Follow these simple steps, and you should begin to feel relief in no time.

Apply a Cold Compress

To start, you will need a cold, wet cloth or compress. Wrap the cloth around some ice or place the cold compress directly onto your head. Ensure that the cold compress is only applied to your forehead, temples, neck, and shoulders.

Those parts are where migraines commonly occur. When using the cold compress, you should keep it moving, as leaving it in one spot for too long could cause your skin to irritate.

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You should also apply the cold compress for 15-20 minutes or until your symptoms disappear. It’s also important to change the cold compress every so often.

Take Over-The-Counter Medications

Before taking any medication, it is advised to consult with a healthcare provider. This ensures it is the correct course of treatment for their symptoms. Ibuprofen, naproxen, and aspirin can help reduce migraine pain.

These medicines should be taken as soon as possible to prevent the pain from worsening. Taking a regular dose for a few days can help prevent the migraine from returning.

Drink Plenty of Water

Staying hydrated will help your body function properly and reduce the severity of your headache. You should drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water daily or about two liters.

Water keeps your body functioning properly and can help reduce the intensity of a migraine. Additionally, it can help wash away toxins from your body, which can help reduce the frequency and severity of your headaches.

Find a Clinic Near Your Home

There are a few steps you should take if you want to find a clinic for migraine near your home to help you with your headaches. Research your area for clinics that specialize in treating migraines.

Ask family and friends if they know any medical professionals in your area that have expertise in treating migraine headaches. Once you have narrowed down your list of local migraine clinics, make an appointment for a consultation.

Best Ways How to Treat Migraines at Home

It is clear to you that there are many ways on how to treat migraines at home. With proper lifestyle changes and treatments, migraines can often be managed and even prevented.

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By implementing these tips, you can make a positive step towards reducing your migraine symptoms. Create a plan that works for your individual needs.

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