How to Turn Off Windows Security Pop-Up?

Windows 10 security-wise is one of the secure Windows-iteration to date and sometimes, the security something functions without any specific logic. And even if there is any logic then they did a sub-par job that explains when it happens. Let’s check out why the Windows security pop-up blocks the connection to the Wi-Fi network.

The security pop-up not occur once or twice but every time when you try to connect to Wi-Fi as it forces users to use LAN. 

Steps to Getting Rid of Security Pop-Up in Windows 10

Let’s check out the steps that will help to smoothly get rid of Windows security pop-ups in Windows 10:

  • Disable Password Protected Sharing 

You might be surprised but there are several reasons for such an error. one of them includes HomeGroup sharing. If you have various computers connected through HomeGroup sharing then you should disable the password protection.

It is one of the common bugs that bother users on Windows. So, let’s check out the steps to disable it:

  • Type advanced sharing in the Windows search bar and open manage advanced sharing settings.
  • Now, expand the networks.
  • Proceed to the bottom and choose to turn off password-protected sharing.
  • Save changes and then exit.
  1. Change Outlook Settings

Outlook security settings are one of the major reasons for Windows security pop-ups. Now, there are several variations on the subject and also solutions. Although, the most probable solution is hidden within Outlook account settings.

Here are the steps that you need to do to disable the Windows security prompts easily:

  • Open Outlook and from the main menu, open the file.
  • Select info and then account settings.
  • Choose the email tab.
  • Now, right-click on the account that inflicts the Windows security prompt and choose to change.
  • Click on more settings.
  • Uncheck the “always prompt for login credentials” box under the security tab and then confirm the changes.
  • Lastly, tap OK and save changes.
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If you are dealing with the Windows security pop-up asking to sign in with the credentials then ensure to check out for the additional steps.

2. Checkout Credential Manager

Several users manage to troubleshoot the issue by deleting the specific credential inputs from Credential Manager. With the Outlook account creation process, you might have made mistake.

It might seem that it is related to credentials check input that forces Windows security pop-ups to reoccur. Check out the steps to smoothly delete Outlook-related input from the credit manager:

  • Type credentials in the search bar and then open the credential manager.
  • Open Windows credentials.
  • Check out the generic section for Outlook-related credentials.
  • Now, expand all the things linked with Outlook and tap to remove.
  • Lastly, restart your computer and check out for changes.

If you want to know more information on how to delete, add, or edit files in credential manager. 

3. Reset your Network Settings

Finally, users can reset the network settings. for some users, the issues after small Wi-Fi network issues are common for various reasons. It might seem that users can reset the network fixes relentless credential pop-ups.

If you are not sure about it then check out the steps to reset network settings in Windows 10, check out the steps mentioned below:

  • Press Windows key + I to open settings.
  • Choose network and internet.
  • From the left panel, choose a status.
  • Scroll down to the bottom and tap to network reset.
  • Lastly, enter your Wi-Fi credentials and then reconnect.

These are the steps that users need to follow to smoothly forget the network credentials, and check for the simple guide to solve the issue.

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Summing Up

Check out the steps mentioned above and get detailed information related to turning off the Windows security pop-up. If you are dealing with any other issue with Windows 11 force tablet mode then check out the steps mentioned below.

By Hammad Hassan

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