How To Use Video Marketing To Boost Streaming Sales

There is no doubt that video marketing, today, is one of the most powerful tools to integrate into our content strategy. More and more brands include it in their marketing plan, aware of its potential and the benefits they obtain. From the appearance of YouTube to the exit of the market of other social networks such as Twitch or TikTok, the video and images have not stopped gaining followers and engagement. If you are interested in the world of marketing, in this article, we explain what video marketing consists of and everything you need to know to implement it as part of your strategy.

What is video marketing?

Video marketing is using videos to promote and disseminate a product or service. It helps enormously to increase the public’s engagement in the different digital and social channels. But not only that, but it also educates the audience and allows us to reach them more directly.

The need for immediacy on the part of users has given a new focus to these platforms with streaming or live video. With Twitch or YouTube, it becomes clear that video marketing is the present and future of digital and strategic marketing.

So that we can get an idea of the power of video marketing, I leave you some interesting data that the IAB extracted according to the latest study carried out :

  • 93.6% of professionals think that online video in advertising contributes to meeting the objectives of the campaigns
  • Everyone agrees that online video is ideal for marketing campaigns
  • 85.1% of professionals believe that video marketing in advertising helps conversion
  • Additionally, a Renderforest survey noted that videos help businesses increase brand awareness by 70%, traffic by 51%, and sales by 34%.

Given this data, let’s see the advantages of video marketing in our content strategy.

Advantages of using video marketing

Now that we know what video marketing consists of, let’s see the different advantages of its application:

Longer stay on the site

By embedding a video in blog posts, the user’s visit permanence increases considerably. As you know, this factor is important to improve our organic positioning, so if you don’t, it’s interesting that you start thinking about making videos.

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Increase the conversion rate

It is proven that the pages that include informative or explanatory videos about their products manage to increase the conversion rate. It is easier to convince a potential client through a video, and our product or brand will always seem more attractive than with a mere written description. The user feels safer and better informed if we show him our argument in video format. In addition, thanks to the number of views and viewing time, we will also know which product is most attractive to Internet users who visit our website.

Tell story

One of the greatest virtues when making videos is the strength it has to tell stories, applying one of the strongest techniques to involve the consumer with the brand, Storytelling. With this, we achieve that the brand is not intrusive and that the consumer feels part of it.

Improve positioning

As I have mentioned before, videos improve positioning, not only when you embed them in the blog, but they can also appear in the first places on Google because they are integrated into YouTube, generating more visits to the page or Blog. Any SEO knows the boost that the use of video can give a web page to achieve a good position in Google searches. This search engine does not like static and flat pages, always prioritizing websites where multimedia content is offered in different formats. Therefore, remember to embed videos on your website if you want Google to take you to the first page.

Offers greater credibility

The video offers the perfect component to be credible in relation to the previous point. The brand approaches the consumer differently and closely through tutorials, live videos, or stories.

Greater effectiveness and engagement

Consumers and users consume video because it is close, it does not tire us, and because we demand it. We read less and less without forgetting that there is an irrefutable fact. Therefore, the effectiveness of a video increases considerably compared to other media. A good video channel is a great tool for retaining your customers. Video marketing not only manages to attract new customers but keeps them returning constantly. If we offer content of interest in video, we will increase our consumers’ engagement and remain on their Top Of Mind.

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It’s closer

Or is it not intrusive? It brings the brand closer to the consumer naturally, without forcing the consumer to “swallow” minutes and minutes of absurd ads that nobody wants to see. Moreover, consumers look for the brand.

Improve brand recall

We receive more than 3,000 impacts daily. How many do you think we remember throughout the day? Video marketing has been shown to make it easier to be at the top of the consumer’s mind without forgetting the engagement between the brand and the consumer. In short, our different actions in this environment generate a more powerful relationship between brand and consumer.

According to a study by the Wharton Research Center, humans retain 10% of what we read or hear, while we store 50% of what we see in our memory. What does this mean? If you want the user to remember your message or brand, offer them visual information to make sure they don’t forget about you. Because if he remembers you, he will come back.

It is accessible to all pockets

It is not necessary to belong to a large company and have great means to make videos. With mobile and imagination, you can unleash your creativity and start making videos for your brand.

It’s more viral

I don’t mean to say that making a video is equivalent to being viral, but the chances of it going viral are multiplied compared to other media. Surely more than once, you have seen one of these videos that have become viral on your Instagram wall, and many of them have been recorded from a mobile phone. The possibilities are enormous, and you have to take advantage of them.

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Two main characteristics make video the ideal format to be disseminated on a large scale and quickly. The first is its great capacity to move the viewer, and the second is the ease with which it is shared.

Types of videos

If you have already decided and want to jump into the world of video marketing, take note of the types that work best:

The spot

The most classic video format is the 15 or 30-second ad. A spot’s content can vary depending on the brand and the story we want to tell.

The explanatory

An explainer video on your homepage or landing page can be the key to sales if your company offers a service or product. These videos usually include animation with a voiceover that explains what the company does. Tools like FlexClip can be of great help if you want to create explainer videos.

Product demo

A product demo video aims to show your audience how it works. The difference with the previous one is that it explains how it works and shows its characteristics, advantages, and benefits.

Behind the scenes

If there is an interesting process behind developing, manufacturing or distributing your product or service, teaching it can be the difference. The audience will love to see the craft part of this process.


When potential audiences see how excited and passionate current customers are, they’re likely to imagine they’ll have the same experience if they make a purchase.

The series

Lastly, series are probably the most difficult to conceptualize and produce, but they are so fun and unique that you need to at least think about them.


As you can see, video marketing is a very powerful tool to integrate into our content strategy. Whether you are a large company, an SME, or a blogger, take advantage of all the tools available to you to include videos in your communication.

Are you in favor of creating videos for your online marketing strategy?

By Eva Colvin

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