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How to Use Winner Medical Angio Pack Properly

Angiography is a common surgical procedure to determine a patient’s physical condition. The medical devices used in angiography have high requirements for the level of sterility and the correct operation of doctors. Winner Medical, a professional angio pack provider, will introduce some precautions in using an angio pack.

Proper Procedures

1. To achieve the best surgical fit, decide which configuration of the angio pack specifications is most suited depending on the clinical criteria.

2. Remove the container in a spotless place and put on safety gear such as gloves, a mask, and a surgical gown.

3. Take apart the product piece by piece, ensuring that each component is intact and that the quantity matches the configuration table’s information.

4. Using the instructions as a guide, unfold and position the surgical sheet before setting up and preparing the surgical tools.

About Winner Medical

Winner Medical is a high-end company that completely understands the relevance of high-quality medical products for the protection of human life because it has been in the medical industry for more than 30 years. To build a reputation for the superior quality of Winner Medical products, Winner Medical carefully selects materials and manufactures them. Look at Winner Medicals website for further information about their medical disposables with high quality.

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