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How You Can Celebrate Halloween This Year

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Halloween 2022 may not be the same. But you can still enjoy it with new creative ideas like reusing cardboard boxes in your home to make creative haunted house decoration items. You can do many things at this event this year. So don’t be disappointed as we’ll show you what you can still do this Halloween.

Give Things Ghostly

Want to treat your neighbors or others. Don’t despair, as you can still give snack bags to loved ones. You can buy haunted bags from packaging makers as it is easy to find box makers near me on the internet.

Depending on the theme of the event, print boxes can be beneficial. You can put snacks in it. All you need is to have the bag on the doorstep of the person you want. Then you can ring the doorbell and leave like a ghost. Your loved one will find this treat from a ghost and see your name on it after a while.

Make The House Theme Haunted 

Well, you can easily make the theme of the house a haunted house by using different items around the house. As with cheap custom boxes, the ones in your pantry are perfect for this purpose because they are useless. It’s easy to decorate them in this special event theme. Among them are many websites with Boxes.Com domains. These sites also offer some ideas on reusing cardboard. So it’s good to do that.

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Send Gifts To The Loved Ones


Here’s a great thing you can do this Halloween. Many people love to give gifts to their loved ones, but most haven’t done it in a long time. This year, it’s time to re-strengthen your relationship, so this event is great for you. You can send gifts in haunted gift boxes. You can easily search the internet for packaging companies near me. You can get personalized packaging from them. It helps with gift wrapping.

Do Halloween Makeup 

So why not wear makeup on Halloween like you do every year? Because no one can see you? It’s not a good idea because you can do this and connect with events. A pandemic will never last, so you have to stay positive and do what you did before. So put on ghost makeup and celebrate. In this regard, you can also use horror masks. That’s why this idea is on our top picks list.

Wear Scary Costumes

As many do for the occasion, try some unique horror outfits. Don’t ignore this because you won’t be able to go to parties or other gatherings this year. Celebrate as much as you want without any clutter, and you can make it at home too. So choose a good looking haunted costume that can lift the mood for you and your family.

Bake Monster Cookies 

This is special on this occasion. You can prepare monster cookies or other scary snacks that you can hand out to your neighbors. For this, you need custom boxes. You can easily get them online or near your area. It’s easy to find box companies near me on the internet to get them. Once you have them, you can pack the baked stuff in. After that, it’s easy to put them in front of the door of the person you want to donate to.

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Be Creative 

Here’s an idea to boost your mood by using your creative skills. Many homes have custom printed shipping boxes or other types of cardboard packaging. Cardboard can be easily reused when making various home decorations. You can also do this for your home. If you don’t feel like going out due to social distancing, redecorate your home for the upcoming winter.

This Halloween will be very different from previous Halloweens. Not many people can celebrate it because it has been celebrated for a long time. So we present some ideas you can try this Halloween. Among them, reusing cardboard boxes is a wonderful thing, and you can do it in many ways.

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