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Hyphened-Nation: Understanding the Value of Cultural Norms


Hyphened-Nation is a book that explores the impact of hyphenated identities on individuals and society. The author was inspired to write this book after living in the United Kingdom and experiencing the difference in how he was treated as an American rather than as a hyphenated one. This eye-opening experience led him on a journey to understand why the United States is one of the only countries that hyphenates its citizens by ethnicity before nationality. The book focuses on ways the U.S. and Europe differ culturally via media and how a bridge might be created to overcome these differences.

The Impact of Hyphenated Identities

Hyphenated identities limit economic, educational, societal, and cultural growth. The author argues that those same boxes we allow ourselves to be placed into as hyphenated Americans are counterproductive and divisive. In Hyphened-Nation, he makes a compelling case for a hyphen-free nation that encourages unity over divisions. The book also raises the issue of how hyphenated identities can lead to discrimination and prejudice. Instead of focusing on differences, we should embrace our shared identity as Americans.

Moving Beyond Hyphenated Identities

The author of Hyphened-Nation is a builder, a fixer, and a challenger. He believes that each of us can achieve whatever we set out to do if we remain determined and positive. The book is a call to action for all Americans to join the movement and “Don’t Check the Box.” It is an invitation to be a catalyst for positive change and to embrace a unifying identity beyond nationality labels. The author’s website, hyphened-nation.com, offers resources and information to help us move beyond hyphenated identities and build a stronger, more united nation.

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Hyphened-Nation is a thought-provoking book that challenges us to think beyond hyphenated identities and embrace our shared identity as Americans. The book is a call to action for all of us to work together to build a stronger, more united nation. The author’s passion for tearing things apart to understand them and his natural inclination to challenge the status quo have led him to write an inspiring book that encourages us to move beyond hyphenated identities and embrace our shared cultural norms. Let us join the movement and work towards a hyphen-free nation.


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