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Ever been intrigued by an Instagram post but didn’t want it to be followed? Imginn, a new app, allows you to view anonymous stories and not follow the account. Imagine allows you to view anonymous stories by simply entering the username. It’s a great way for you to discover new accounts and find out what the buzz is all about, without having to risk anything. It’s worth a look!

What is Imginn

Imginn allows you to view posts from anonymous Instagram accounts without actually following them. You can only see posts from the account you are interested in, and you can tag them for future reference.

How does It Works

Imginn places a “username” field below an account when you search for it on Instagram. To view an anonymous profile, you can use any username.

Is Imginn Safe

It’s safe, anonymous and it can be used to follow any person. You don’t have to worry about strange content. Just enter the username of your account and it will open any posts from other accounts.

Is Imginn Legal

It’s legal, and you can see all your followers without having them follow you. It won’t cause you to be concerned about strange photos or videos. They will open in a new tab, and no one else can see what your doing there.

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Is Imginn Free

It is completely free and anonymous. You can access all their posts by simply entering their username and pressing enter. Imagine can be a very useful app.

How do I use Imginn

You can search Engine on Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, or Google Chrome. After installing Imginn, visit “My Profile” to choose “Add Account.” Enter your username in the form and Imginn will display all their posts.

Is it really useful to use this app

Many Instagram users use it and it’s very useful if they want to learn more about their followers without following them. You can also view anonymous stories on Instagram without following them.

Why should I use this app

It can be difficult to find new accounts if you use Instagram too much and follow too many people. This app allows you to find them quickly and without the need to follow. You won’t miss any new content.

This is very interesting. How do I follow an anonymous account when I see a photo?

Just search for the username of the Instagram account and click on the “Follow” button. You will also have access to their videos and private photos.

You don’t need to worry about silly username searches and links. Simply type the username of the account that you wish to follow. Imagine will take care of it.

Benefits Of Using Imginn

This app makes it easy to find the username of any account you wish to follow. You can also check out anonymous stories by entering their username. It will open up in a new tab so that no one can see your activities. You can see below the other benefits of Imginn.

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You don’t need to search for and copy usernames, simply type the username of the account that you wish to follow. Imagine will do the rest and you’ll have access to their photos and videos.

This app is easy to use without the need to search for your username on Instagram. After seeing unknown accounts here, you don’t need to worry about following them. You won’t get spam and this is completely safe.

Any anonymous story can be viewed without the need to follow its creator. There are no weird photos or videos to be concerned about.

You don’t have to search for your username on Instagram. Just copy it. After entering the username, Imagine will add the account to your list. Once you have entered your username, hit enter and click “Submit”. Imagine will handle it for you. You can access all their posts and other information without having to follow them.

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