Importance And Benefits Of Timely Evaporative Cooling Service

Importance And Benefits Of Timely Evaporative Cooling Service

brivis evaporative cooling service
brivis evaporative cooling service

Long and scorching summers in Australia compel people to adhere to air conditioning systems, even among which 20% of Australia prefer evaporative cooling systems. Evaporative cooling is considered one of the most efficient and affordable cooling systems as it uses natural air. It is even considered the safest cooling system, encouraging the natural flow of oxygen in your interior and improving home health and comfort with affordable energy bills. Evaporative coolers are in great demand because of their cost-effectiveness and effective cooling.

However, it is a fact that any system cannot perform optimistically without effective servicing on a routine basis. The need for timely evaporative cooling service is explained through the system operation process to improve scopes with routine maintenance.

How does it Work

There is a simple principle that operates an evaporative cooling; that is, energy in the form of heat is extracted from natural air. In contrast, the air is used to convert water into water vapour. Through this process, when water is changed to water vapour, the temperature of the air is effectively reduced. The air which has absorbed vapour particles is already cool and moistened, which is exhausted through the ducts inside your home to keep the interiors cool. However, the advantage of the system is that it allows a continuous flow of fresh air within your interior, creating a cool and comfortable sensation.

The process requires a basic set with water availability continuously. A pad essentially holds the moisture, and the air is allowed to pass through the pad absorbing the moisture. Overlooking the maintenance and evaporative cooling service leads to poor system performance. One of the basic reasons is the wear and tear of the pad, which requires timely replacement to offer:

  • A good-condition evaporative system pad filters dust and debris while passing the air through it. This helps to improve health and hygiene and keep your interiors clean.
  • Since the constant airflow of an evaporative system is managed through the pads, it tends to wear out over time, or even blockages may build up. Replacement while evaporative cooling service ensures free flow of air and efficient cooling.
  • An efficient cooling system enabled by the simple use of air and water helps keep your energy bills in control.
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brivis evaporative cooling service
brivis evaporative cooling service

Servicing When and Why

Evaporative cooling systems are often recommended for servicing every 2 to 3 years. However, it can differ with the particular models per your system manufacturer’s recommendations. The best way to ensure when your system needs servicing, check the maintenance manual offered with the system during the purchase. A routine servicing invincibly involves an extensive checking of the systems, which also helps improve the cooling.

Here are a few things you should be expecting at an evaporative cooling service:

  • A routine service involves thoroughly cleaning and washing the evaporative system’s filter pads. Even drain valves are also checked and cleaned to keep them clean from any debris or build of mold, etc.
  • Another essential routine check-in service involves detailed inspections of the water level in the tank or reservoir connected to the system for the continuous water supply.
  • There is an integrated belt inside the evaporative system, which is also checked for appropriate tension.
  • One of the inevitable parts of an evaporative cooling service is the check of the pad, which needs to be checked for accumulation of dust and debris, uniform moisture absorptions, signs of abrasion, and the efficiency of the pads to hold the moisture.
  • Check the duct paneling for any leaks, cracks, or signs of damage.

Wrapping it up

Therefore, with the summer approaching the corner, it is the best time to plan and book your evaporative cooling service. During summers, the demand for servicing scales up, with people taking attention to their cooling systems. However, to save dollars and time and avoid irritating heated days with your cooling system inoperative, it is best to arrange for servicing before the summers arrive. Moreover, through the dry and windy winters, the pads are exposed to a lot of dust and debris, which, if accumulated in the pores of the pad, can hamper the efficient cooling and functioning of the evaporative system.  Hence, it is important that you must also invest in regular cleaning and maintenance. It will ensure efficient performance throughout the season. 

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