Importance and Use of Social Media for Dissertation Research

Importance and Use of Social Media for Dissertation Research

Use of Social Media

Do you know that many studies have now been conducted by using social media platforms? The use of social media for dissertation research has now become very common among researchers. With the help of social media, you can easily spread a message online. Moreover, you can use social media platforms as tools to do dissertation research. Social media has now helped many students and researchers research their study area at a very low cost. It has also helped them to engage with participants on a larger scale. This article will show you the importance and use of social media for dissertation research.

Social Media:

Social media is a collection of applications and websites that pay attention to interaction, collaboration, content-sharing, community-based input and communication. People usually use social media to interact and stay in touch with family, friends and several communities. The use of social media in dissertation research and business work is very common for marketing and tracking the behaviour of customers. Social media platforms contain many social components, such as the comment section for social media users.

The use of social media is prevalent in analyzing, measuring or tracking people’s behaviour or perceptions that you could use for your research. Globally social media has a huge capability to track people. Users can easily access these social media platforms through mobile applications. There are many popular platforms for social media, such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. 


Social media has now changed the ways people communicate with information and people. The use of social media has now become essential for academic researchers and businesses to get quality data and information and survive in the competition. Studies have shown that social media platforms can be suitable channels to promote research awareness and increase participant engagement. With the help of social media, researchers of the best dissertation writing services can offer their knowledge and skill to the people in an effective way. In this way, people will get more awareness through dissertation writing.

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This shows that dissertation research can play a huge role in promoting knowledge about an organization. There are various in which social media research can help businesses. For instance, it can help to understand and improve the perceptions of people about a brand. Businesses can also understand their target markets through social media research. You will be able to compare your performance with various competitors and attract new people by observing the trends and patterns.

The use of social media has now become a necessity for daily life activities in today’s society. The researchers usually use social media for social interactions and to get information and news. It can become a very powerful tool of communication for research through which you can interact with people worldwide and locally. You will also be able to share your research results and spread information.

Students many times have used social media for dissertation research. Scientists also use it to promote their dissertation work. It is because social media has a huge potential to have massive reach. With the help of quick responses and successful reactions, researchers can enhance the credibility of their dissertation. Dissertation research is about giving new information, and social media platforms offer a great opportunity to show new information. As a student or professional researcher, after publishing your dissertation, you would want to share it with many people and colleagues so they can also get information about your new findings. Researchers usually email their research work to colleagues who are just now the first step of promoting their work.

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Use of social media can connect with your academic and citify community that can help you in your dissertation research. You might already have created your accounts on social media platforms that may help you connect with the academic community. For instance, research gate is a very common platform that can give you a forum to discuss and share your research. You can have comprehensive research for your dissertation if you remain active on various community pages on social media related to your study area.

Use Of Social Media:

The use of social media has now become very common for research purposes. Below are some platforms which you can use for your dissertation research:


Researches use the method of snowball sampling to interact with the large number of people at a very less cost. Researchers usually recruit their colleagues, peers or friends for data collection during this process. For instance, by using Facebook, you can ask your friends about your study. You can reach millions of people in a few years by using the assessment features of Facebook. This means that you can conduct successful research by being able to engage so many people on Facebook.


Another platform that can help you in your dissertation research is LinkedIn. Users of LinkedIn can connect with many experts on professional levels. Group in this platform offers you the ability to make a space where you can make an inclusive group for your study. This may be a huge starting point for you to get a clear view of your dissertation by asking influencers and experts in the related area.

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Use of social media is mainly common in research work because of the Twitter. It is very popular among companies and celebrities. A tweet can easily get viral in many media outlets. For instance, a professor from Toronto University promoted his study related to the effect of environmental pollution on cyclists with just one tweet. A cyclist magazine used her case study later.


The above guide can help you understand the use of social media for research. Social media has a huge potential to have massive reach. You can connect with millions of people to collect. You can also get information from experts and professionals related to your study area. This shows that using social media for research can take your dissertation to the next level, which you will not get by using traditional research methods.


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