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Importance of Cleaning Our Astral Surroundings Exposed

Most of us have a sense of cleanliness. Accordingly, we maintain cleanliness and order in our homes, our persons and vehicles. At the same time, we are blissfully unaware that we produce a different kind of junk called etheric junk.

Thought energy creates mass, and this mass can move in many directions. Our higher self-reveals things, people, events and situations, enabling us to learn valuable life lessons. For example, reflections of our astral self can be seen in the astral world. Before something manifests in the physical world, it manifests in the astral realms.

Experienced astral projectors are familiar with the manifestation of thought forms. An emotionally charged thought, for example, may appear as a form for a long time in the world of space. Its clarity of form and power of form depend on the emotional energy of thought. The more powerful the thought, the longer it remains in the spaceship, appearing real. For example, many people’s fears regarding the Y2K disaster took form in the ether. Psychologists saw this phenomenon, believed it to be real, and falsely predicted the Y2K disaster.

We cannot control the television and radio waves that surround us. But we can control what we watch, play and read, just as we can control the friends we make and the relationships we form. Depending on how we live and what we experience and think, we fill our surroundings with joy or terror. This may very well explain the enforced isolation of monasteries. Monks need a quiet and cleaning Services environment in which to grow spiritually.

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If you have psychic abilities, you can see the etheric junk in the average urban household. The environment is filled with etheric junk removal in Dubai such as violence from the Xbox or PlayStation, horror movie characters, family conflicts, disagreements and discontent. Don’t be surprised if children in such a family have nightmares on a regular basis.

Have you considered the fact that while some houses elevate you, others depress you? This is also true for people. While some people can completely drain all your energy, others can actually fill you with warm, positive energy. It all depends on how much etheric junk is accumulated around people and homes.

Remember to clear your etheric waste regularly. If your astral project without doing this, you can get a great view of demons and chaos. We hardly ever clean our homes on the surface, but as we see, it is of great importance.

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