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Importance of Dental Health in Old Age

Dental Health

Dental health is a vital aspect to be maintained in our body since it directly affects our general health. Since child dental health is essential as they grow similarly, it is equally crucial to keep the health of senior citizens. It is accomplished due to a variety of reasons.

Dental health is directly impacted your overall health. Today, the oral health of the elderly is a concern. A poor state of oral health among seniors increases the risk of developing periodontal disease and frequent edentulism and many instances of oral cancer. 

Because of this, the elderly are in an extremely stressful and negative experience which leads to a decrease in the quality of their lives. The most frequent dental issues that seniors face are gum problems, toothaches and even losing their teeth. 

Everyone is aware of the importance of maintaining healthy dental health because when we have teeth that are healthy, we can have a great time eating and enjoying our food more effectively. A healthy diet can help you stay physically and mentally healthier. 

You need to pay regular visits to your dentist. An oral surgeon can be contacted in case of an emergency.

Yes, the dental health of seniors is crucial, and here are the reasons why seniors should make dental health a top priority.

Why Is Dental Health In Old Age Important?

Tooth Decay

If the bacteria that reside within your mouth swell up within your mouth, it can lead to plaque which in turn causes the tooth’s enamel gets weakened and can cause cavities. Since people who are elderly have dry mouths, and saliva can help to safeguard teeth and decrease the number of bacteria, older people are more likely to be afflicted with cavities. Dry mouth is the reason for the medications that elderly patients typically take to treat their health issues.

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Tooth Loss

The loss of teeth may be the more frequent condition that older people experience. According to statistics one-in-five adults over 65 years old has lost all of their teeth. Loss of teeth could cause an ineffective diet as they will not be able to enjoy fresh food or chew it thoroughly to absorb all the vitamins and minerals.

Heart Diseases

Based on the American Academy of Periodontology due to gum disease, people are at risk of high risk of heart disease. Gum disease can cause your heart condition to become worse and increase your risk to suffering from strokes.


If someone is suffering from gum inflammation and disease it becomes challenging to control the level of sugar and, as a result, salivary sugar aids in the growth of bacteria in the mouth, which can lead to diabetes. Gum disease also affects the sugar levels of people.

Oral Cancer

People who are older are at a high chance of developing oral cancer because they smoke cigarettes or smoke. The problem is only identified at an early stage when you have regular dental visits.

How Can You Maintain Oral Health In Old Age?

Floss Twice A Day:

Always send your loved ones an automatic reminder to floss their teeth two times every day with fluoride toothpaste. For those who are older have a gentle electric toothbrush can make hygiene considerably more simple. If your grandparents or parents neglect to brush, ensure you schedule a reminder to ensure that they are cleaning properly.


Inform your parents and grandparents to floss in order to shield them from developing plaque and other gum diseases. If flossing isn’t suitable for them, take professional advice from your dentist before the oral surgeon idaho falls have to be contacted for assistance with other methods and tools.

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Clean Dentures Daily

If your grandparents or parents have dentures, ensure that they clean them daily and take them off at night.

Regular Appointments With Your Dentist

Regularly scheduled appointments with the dentist so that should any issue arise, it is addressed promptly.

These little steps can make an enormous difference in oral health.

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