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Importance of Event Photographers in Abu Dhabi

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Event photography is an important aspect of corporate communications. Graf Dom is one of the best event photographers in Abu Dhabi. Capturing the key moments of your event, such as product launches, company parties, and conferences. These photos can be used to promote your business on social networks, company brochures, or websites. In this article, we’ll explain why event photography is so important to your business and how a professional photography service can help strengthen your brand.

What is event photography?

Corporate Event Photographers in Abu Dhabi includes taking photos at professional events such as conferences, seminars, product launches, cocktail parties, corporate parties, sporting events, social events, and more. The goal is to capture the key moments of your event and create lasting memories. But that’s not all! Can you imagine an event photographer taking guests back and forth? Event photography is different these days as many photo animations are in the spotlight in the event industry. You can find booths, photo cubes. These photo animations allow you to capture your event in a fun way. These are very powerful marketing and communication tools for businesses.

Event Photography is a Powerful Marketing Tool

Communication with the target

Event photos are a very effective tool for communicating your goals. When a company organizes an event, it is usually to reach a target audience, such as prospects, customers, business partners, investors, or employees. With the help of photo animation, you can communicate in a friendly and efficient way.  This will help you reach more people and increase your online presence.

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Promote your business

Event Photo Animation allows you to create eye-catching visual content to showcase your business and promote your brand on social media, websites, and brochures. Capturing your professional activities showcases a dynamic and up-to-date image of your company, helping your brand to shine and shine.

Benefits of Corporate Event Photography

If you want to spice up your corporate event with event photography, the benefits are twofold. 

Get on well

Whether they’re prospects, customers or even employees, whatever your guest profile, they’ll have a great time thanks to photo animation. You can create a fun, friendly atmosphere. Some companies take it a step further, creating decor that is by turns warm, grand and inviting to capture the curiosity of willing photo-op guests.

Resonate with the brand

Event photography can help professional event goers identify with your brand, as it lets you highlight your team, employees, clients and partners, and gives you a behind-the-scenes look at your company (among others). It makes your brand feel closer, more accessible, and can create emotional intimacy. Humanizing a brand is something that many companies want to achieve.

Collect personalized photo keepsakes

Finally, depending on the selected photo animation, the photos taken during the event can be printed directly on site or emailed to the participants. This leaves everyone with a personal memory of the event. Photos can also be shared on social media and internally to help extend the experience.

Commercial interests

Increase awareness

Yes, is there any interesting benefit for your company? Increase your popularity. Photo profile customization makes every photo your company color. You can also add a logo and a mention, such as “Cocktail Seminar 2023”. Since instant photo printing is the preferred choice for all professional events, guests can leave with personalized photos. Since these photos are constantly hanging in your refrigerator, bedroom or office, your brand can be seen next to Target every day.

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Depending on the photo animation you book, guests can also email their photos. For example, if you decide to book a photo booth, they can exchange shots via email so you can easily find them later, but it’s better to share them on social networks or send them to your loved ones. you can! These are often particularly helpful photos, and guests love to share these types of photos.

Bring your Community and Collaborators Together

As we have seen before, live photos are the result of animation! These events provide a fun and memorable experience for your guests. They also facilitate social interaction, especially by allowing them to form bonds and a sense of belonging to the community.

Which Event Photo Format would you Choose?

It all depends on your goals. If you want to create high-end photo animations, our event photographer and photography services are the ideal animation to produce event photos of the highest quality. Conversely, if you want to provide fun animations that guests can participate in on their own, photo booths and photo cubes are for you.

Event Photographer

Event photographers capture the most important moments of an event in high quality. The advantage of using a photography professional is that he can travel anywhere during the event, so you can create corporate photo reports. You can also set up photo shoots to promote your brand or highlight your sponsors.

Discover a new “Josepho Live” photo reportage experience. We have developed a technology to connect professional cameras to print stations. The solution allows guests to print photos directly at the venue and send them to their mobile phones. A must for event photography.

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Photo Booth

In recent years, photo booths (or photo terminals) have become a staple at professional events. A photographic terminal that allows you to capture personalized photos with corporate colors in a fun and original way in full autonomy. Photobooth users can choose from a variety of options, such as photo and GIF versions, to enjoy individual or group photos. Also, this photo animation has a super power to spark your creativity. They love to take crazy photos.

Each photo is printable so your guests can take it home as a keepsake of the event. Photos can also be sent by email. Photobooth is also gaining traction among businesses because it also allows for the recovery of email addresses. A great option for expanding your potential customer email base. Finally, the photographic profiles can be customized with corporate colors and can host logos and mentions.

Capture Best Moments

A photo cube is a connected printer that allows you to print photos directly from your phone. This is a brand new solution for event photography. Guests can capture the best moments of their event and print them in real time, making them even more personal. Each photo can be customized with corporate and event colors.


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