7 Facts To Know About Indian Golden Triangle Tour

7 Facts to Know About Indian Golden Triangle Tour You Should Know Before Visiting

Golden triangle tour of india

Travel plans to India? This Indian golden triangle tour guide brings some amazing facts for you before you embark on this journey. 

India is a thriving nation with an extensive history spanning many centuries. The Golden Triangle tour is one of the well-known itineraries in this renowned country. So this journey will take you through the three most recognized cities across India: Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur. The route was termed the Golden Triangle since the three cities represent a triangular shape on the map, including the nation’s most magnificent landmarks. 

Additionally, the three places have a range of palaces, mosques, and marketplaces that provide an insight into rich India’s history. Each location in the golden triangle India tourism is 200 kilometers apart and requires four to six hours by vehicle or rail. If India is on your checklist of must-visit destinations, the Golden Triangle is worth exploring. Let’s explore more about the golden triangle tour. 

Where Is The Golden Triangle?

Delhi-Agra–Jaipur – these three cities collectively comprise India tourism’s golden triangle. The Golden Triangle route captivates and entices tourists with its spectacular Mughal and Rajput architecture. With the Golden triangle India tour packages from LIH Travel, enjoy a luxury golden triangle tour with zero hassles and guided tours.

Seven Must-Know Facts About The Indian Golden Triangle Tour

1. The best route to experience the culture, history, tradition, and customs of India

These three locations have been chosen for their exceptional cultural experiences. Every location on the route is a place rich in legacy, including the festival, unique customs, and other characteristics. Further, this trip is fantastic if you’re looking for an opportunity to appreciate the country’s culture.

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2. Any solo traveler can enjoy the trip

If you are a solo traveler planning a trip, then embark on the Indian golden triangle tour. All three locations are distinct tourist destinations that are not off the main route. Therefore, you will constantly be accompanied by many tourists anytime you come. Moreover, with customized packages from LIH Travel, you will get guided tours and quick and convenient transport in air-conditioned SUVs. So you can plan a solo trip with no hassles. 

3. A nation with historical significance

What contributes more charm to the country than its historical significance? These areas were designated because of their historical significance, which includes several great monuments. Moreover, this attraction is what entices tourists from several nations to embark on the Indian golden triangle tour. So if you are a history lover or wish to explore more about India’s heritage, travel the golden triangle tour itinerary.

4. A luxurious vacation with great hospitality

Planning a luxurious vacation this year? Then the luxury golden triangle tour is for you. So these three itinerary destinations offer luxurious amenities, services, and boutique hotels. Further, the hotels offer first-class services and amenities, including infinity pools, world-class cuisines, top-notch hospitality, and relaxing spas and massages. 

5. Great connectivity between the cities

So these three locations are barely 200 kilometers apart. Further, you will not incur additional travel time since there are ultra-fast trains, air connections, and well-maintained highways here.

6. Explore the history and rich legacy of India with a unique experience

So these three incredible sites, each with its own culture, cuisine, and architectural style, allow you to experience three distinct types of vacation in a single trip. Further, the Indian golden triangle tour’s destinations have no resemblance. Hence the trip will not become boring. Since the whole trip focuses on spectacular views, the Golden Triangle tour is suitable for all age groups. 

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Further, during distinct periods, the three cities of Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur were governed by separate monarchs. Therefore, you may comprehensively understand the colorful history of the nation’s numerous dynasties and thoroughly understand the regional culture.

7. Delicious cuisines 

During your Indian golden triangle tour, you will sample some of the best dishes and have the opportunity to taste authentic cuisines. Further, you can taste delicious curries, desserts, and other traditional dishes. So don’t pass up the opportunity to sample its cuisine. Additionally, when in Delhi, don’t miss this opportunity to sample the street foods. So during your India Golden triangle tour, you will experience the best cuisine. 


India is a vast nation with a storied past and a lively culture. Moreover, the Indian golden triangle tour is the ideal way to explore the finest attractions that North India does have to offer since they are spread among the three cities. From the famed Taj Mahal to Hawa Mahal, visiting this nation would be fascinating. So book your golden triangle tours from Delhi with LIH Travel. 

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