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Trekking can be a challenging activity that requires you to traverse many mountains on foot. The difficulty of trekking is significantly increased in winter. The Indian Himalayas’ winter trekking season runs from November to March. This is not the season for slow hikers. It is an amazing opportunity for those with an adventurous spirit or those who are looking for adrenaline rushes. The difficulty level is increased at higher altitudes and lower temperatures. This wilderness adventure offers breathtaking views of majestic mountain peaks that are covered in white snow.

Winter Kuari Pass trek, Garhwal

Kuari Pass in Uttarakhand is a beautiful place. Because of the breathtaking scenery, you can overlook the difficulties of the trek. You will be captivated by several peaks such as Nanda Devi and Dronagiri. This walk allows you to view these famous summits from up close. During this walk, you can cross the deodar-tree and oak-tree-lined jungles. This jungle is home to many wild animals, such as leopards and Himalayan bears. You can also see many rhododendron blossoms. Kuari, at 13990 feet, is the highest point of the trek and offers a stunning view. As part of the trek, you can also visit Auli (a popular ski resort).

Love trekking? Then you can also do the Beas Kund trek as it is a very beautiful trek.

Kedarkantha Trek

The Kedarkantha trek ranks among the top winter treks in India. The stunning view of the Mighty Himalayas is seen from the summit, making winter snow a beautiful scene for photography. This perfect hiking track is located at an elevation of 3810m, or approximately 12,500 feet. It spans 20 kilometers. This must be on every list of top winter hikes. Amazingly, snowfall in this area begins in mid-December and continues until mid-April. Read Also : Car rental service in Ahmedabad

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Brahmatal Trek

Anyone who hasn’t done a winter trek before should consider the Brahmatal Hike. Because it’s located in Uttarakhand, the journey offers many opportunities to experience winter like never before. The area is a winter wonderland, with enough snow to excite and welcome trekkers to winter trekking. This trail blends adventure with ease, attracting serious hikers to it. The trail passes through dense forests, with high peaks following you every step. It is a beautiful road with some peaks reaching over 7000m.

Dayara-Bugyal Trek

It’s a known fact that winter brings with it suffocating cold. The snow on the paths adds to the difficulties. The vast meadows and pastures are covered in white snowfall to protect their creatures from the cold. Walking on the white carpet feels like you are walking on a frozen ocean, with beautiful flowers and Alps trees around. As you climb, you will be able to see the snow-covered Bandarpoonch and Gangotri peaks. Hiking and camping under starry night skies in the snowy alpine forest can help you to recharge for any upcoming surprises. Read Also to know more about the: car on rent delhi service

Chopta Chandrashila Deoriatal

Chopta Chandrashila Deoriatal is a winter adventure that takes you through snowy highlands, camping by a beautiful frozen lake, and meandering through wooded trails to reach a temple with many legends. Eventually, you will be greeted by a breathtaking view from the summit. The trek begins with the magnificent peaks of the Garhwal Himalayas Chaukhamba and Bandarpunj rising into view. This increases your chances of stunning peak photography. This trail is extremely appealing because of the stunning Himalayan environment, which has a light that appears like a liquid diamond in winter, and the perfect backdrop of blue skies.

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Chadar Trek-A walk on the frozen Zanskar River

This is the ultimate goal for every ardent trekker, whether they are from India or anywhere else in the world. You should be ready for frozen surprises at 11,123 feet above sea level. The walk covers approximately 75 miles over nine days, with the majority of the route on the ” Chadar”. The frosty coating can become thinner or even cracked if the ice is left on for a long time. The soothing sound of the river’s trickling is a sign that there are many adventures ahead.

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