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Inside the Mind of an Assassin: Geri Spieler’s Housewife Assassin

Geri Spieler
Geri Spieler

In 1975, President Gerald Ford was the target of two assassination attempts, one by a member of the infamous Manson family, Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme, and the other by an unlikely candidate, Sara Jane Moore, a middle-aged mother of five. While Fromme’s motivations were rooted in her loyalty to Charles Manson, Moore’s reasons for attempting to assassinate the President were far more complex.

Journalist Geri Spieler’s book, Housewife Assassin, delves into the life of Sara Jane Moore and attempts to unravel the tangled web of her motivations and actions leading up to the assassination attempt. Spieler’s extensive research and insider correspondence reveals a compelling profile of an elusive assassin, shedding light on Moore’s mysterious life and the events that led to her fateful decision.

The Early and Revolutionary Life of Sara Jane Moore

Born in 1930, Sara Jane Moore grew up in a small town in West Virginia. She was known to be a rebellious and headstrong young woman from an early age. After moving to California in the early 1960s, she became involved in the counterculture movement and joined various radical groups. Throughout the turbulent 60s and 70s, Moore’s life took a series of unexpected twists and turns. She married five times, abandoned her children, faked amnesia, and even befriended Patty Hearst’s father. She became a revolutionary and worked as an FBI informant turned double agent, feeding information to underground radicals.

The Assassination Attempt & Geri Spieler’s Investigation

On September 22, 1975, Sara Moore attempted to assassinate President Ford outside the St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco. She fired a single shot at the President but missed and was quickly apprehended by Secret Service agents. Moore’s life was scrutinized in the aftermath of the attempt, and her actions were questioned. Her motivations for the assassination attempt were never fully understood, and her mysterious and evasive personality only added to the confusion.

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Through years of investigative work and correspondence with Moore, Spieler was able to paint a complete picture of the events leading up to the assassination attempt. She confirmed certain details, such as the gunshot missing the President’s head by only six inches. Spieler was also able to debunk certain claims made in the press, such as the idea that Sara Moore “shot wild.”

What Drove Sara Jane Moore?

What drove Sara Jane Moore to attempt to assassinate the President of the United States? While her motivations were never fully understood, Spieler’s research highlights a complex and troubled individual. Sara Moore’s life was marked by a series of upheavals and betrayals, from her turbulent marriages to her double agent work for the FBI. Perhaps this sense of betrayal and disillusionment led her to attempt such a drastic and violent act.

Housewife Assassin offers a fascinating glimpse into the life of an elusive assassin. Through Spieler’s fact-finding work, a complete picture of Sara Jane Moore emerges, shedding light on her motivations and actions. The book serves as a reminder that sometimes the most unlikely individuals can become embroiled in the most shocking and tragic events.

About the Author

Geri Spieler is a famous interrogative journalist and accomplished speaker passionate about uncovering the truth. With over three decades of experience in the field, she has established a reputation as a tenacious researcher and skilled interviewer.

One of her most notable achievements is her professional relationship with Sara Jane, which lasted thirty years. This unprecedented access to her subject, combined with her diligent independent research, led to the publication of Housewife Assassin: The Woman Who Tried To Kill President Ford, a riveting exploration of Moore’s life and motivations.

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Geri’s work has been featured in many prestigious publications, including the Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Westways magazine, and Forbes. Her contributions to the technology industry are particularly noteworthy, having founded and edited Electronic Commerce News, a technology journal published by Phillips Business Information. This experience led to a six-year assignment as a Research Director and Analyst for the Gartner Group, where she provided expert analysis and advice to clients worldwide.

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