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Interesting history of mini Putt Putt Golf Course

Putt Putt golf is a crazy sport, a date place, and a good time. So it’s no surprise that the interesting history of miniature golf courses is circulating. Since its invention in the late 19th century, miniature golf has made a lasting impression on the world. But how did it start?

Who Invented the Mini putt Golf Course?

We owe the good old putter salute to the Scots for inventing the game first. The exact person who invented miniature golf is unknown, but the St Andrews Ladies Putting Club was founded in 1867. This is called the first known putting club in history. This female golfer-only membership green was a rebellion against the then-society view that it was particularly disrespectful for a woman to slam a club on her shoulder. But girls just want to have fun and the rules don’t stop them!

What was the first Putt Putt golf course like?

Simply put, the first mini Putt Putt golf courses weren’t colorful wonderlands with motorized obstacles and loops de loops. It was like a patch of grass with a short distance between the launch point of the putter and the hole. The novelty began in 1916 when James Barber designed a miniature golf course in North Carolina with several features. Imagine having fountains, gardens, pavement patterns – really eye-catching for players! This was a particularly defining moment in the fascinating history of miniature golf.

Then in 1926 there was talk of a rooftop installation (best idea ever!). Some smart guys in New York have decided that the top of a skyscraper is the perfect place to play mini-golf. Others quickly embraced this, and in the next four years nearly 150 rooftop putting spaces were created in New York City.

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Take things up a notch

The Great Depression caused many changes in the world. Manicured gardens and manicured golf courses are long gone. But the mini-golf enthusiasts of the time didn’t want to stop playing anytime soon. They started collecting old tires, pipes, barrels and gutters. These were added to the game with crazy new extras used as obstacles.

Rumors spread, enthusiasm spread. Then a guy named Tom Thumb showed up and started designing the craziest courses people have ever seen. His course was a mix of tricky shots, hills, small obstacles and crazy colors. They were a real crowd pleaser and by the late 1940s he had four million people playing the game in the United States.

A twist on Putt Putt’s fascinating history

The founder of Putt Putt Golf Course, Don Clayton, wanted to change things up a bit and in 1953 he designed a short hole so that he could score a hole-in on any hole with a skillful putt Bottom. Metal rails for precise rebound. He began promoting putt-putt as a serious sport, with tournaments being held all over the world and offering huge prize pools. Everyone loved this unexpected twist!

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