Interesting Things You Should Know About Rakhi Bel Plant

The Rakhi Bell is also named as Maypop, True Passionflower, Passiflora Incarnata, Wild Passion Vine, Purple Passionflower, and Wild Passion vine. The special plant is a perennial climber that develops wonderful blooms with sweet fragrances. Wherever these incredible flowers thrive, they spruce up the atmosphere, be it the backyards, driveways, trees in the forests, or interior spaces. As the Raksha Bandhan festivity is at the edge, you should get some Rakhi Bel plants on your number of surprises to make the celebration enjoyable with your brothers and sisters. 

Passiflora incarnata or Krishna Kamal or Rakhi Bel Plant is an eternal plant that unravels voluminously and therefore makes a wonderful decorative plant. It thrives in stunning white blooms with caps of blue, pink, or purple calyx and therefore looks amazing anywhere it is. Its woody stems with hoops rise to 15 to 20 meters. The plant is mind-blowing and is a superior choice for both cabins and lawns. Now that the plant has aroused your attention, here’s a small guide to acquaint you.

To help you bring enduring feelings, we share all you require to understand about Rakhi Bel plants in this blog. 

Advent and Significance Of Raksha Bandhan:

The plants have a meaningful significance to the Raksha Bandhan festivities! The Rakhi Bel plant retains five petals, which reflects the five Pandavas brothers; the small petals surrounding it exemplify the Kauravas – cousins to the Pandavas. Simultaneously, the flower’s corona denotes Draupadi – queen of the Pandavas. The plant is also called a Rakhi plant because it looks identical to the Rakhi, which is fastened to the wrists of brothers and sisters-in-law during this favorable celebration. 

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This plant is regional to South America; the large lush climber carries blue and white fancy shades but a confounded-looking flower, filling out the attractive green, polished palmate. The blooms can evolve to around 4″ in breadth. They are susceptible to North Indian environments and weather heights. The bloom, because of its intricate pattern, has significance in Christian signification with the multiple portions of blooms typical of the power of Christ. On this Raksha Bandhan, you can send rakhi online to your beloved siblings and make them feel loved.


These plants thrive up to 20 meters, developing blossoms in numerous shades, from blue, white, and purple, to pink. Rakhi Bel blossoms are eye-popping with leaves that can thrive up to 18 centimeters tall and broad with incredible 10-centimeter flowers. Having a lifespan of around two years, these plants will constantly provide you and your precious ones with an extraordinary atmosphere.

Ways to Develop and Grow Rakhi Bell Plants And Where To Plant:

Alongside the vibrant traditional setting, Rakhi Bel plants are rather adorning interiors and exteriors. However, the plants are delicate to extreme sun rays and frigid climates. The excellent climate where the plants grow is between 19 and 24 degrees. 

So, to get the maximum of your wonderful plants, you must place them where they obtain morning daylight and shadow throughout the day. You can utilize the climbing vines to festoon the entranceways and driveway. Or you can utilize them as climbers or floor cover in shaded regions (or places with distilled shade). Alongside this special rakhi plant, get the best rakhi gifts for your sister from online portals and amaze them on this delightful occasion.

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Supervision and Maintenance:

Protect the plant by trimming after the flowering season. Trimming helps make it susceptible to conserve the plant in winter (if you place the plant outside the home, you can simply opt for winter preservation). If you place the plant in a container, you can easily shift the plant away from burning and chilling climates. The plants are sensitive to insects like white flies, Aphids, red spider mites, and scale insects. So, you should put only the fertilizers and pesticides suggested by your florists.

Keep the surface moist in the hot and humid climate—water at least every three to four days in the hot weather. But, prevent too much watering the plants! You should make sure that the surface is barely dry in between the minutes you are watering them. When the plant is moistened during the day in summer, the water will become heated due to the heated summer climates, resulting in the plant’s deterioration. So, prevent watering during the day!

Wrapping Up:

Here is the information that you all you require to learn about Rakhi Bel plants! Make the nicest impressions of your brothers and sisters this Raksha Bandhan; send them a wonderful Rakhi with plants online from the online portals; the best flower and rakhi gift stores in India are there at your fingertips.

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Celebrate the festival with lots of love and spread the affection with your lovely siblings, and make memorable memories. Start your shopping, grab the perfect gift and draw a smile on your brother’s face.

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