Inventive Ways To Use Your Cardboard Boxes

Inventive Ways To Use Your Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard Boxes 

Cardboard boxes are present in almost every household. They come in all shapes and sizes, being one of the top packaging solutions. However, their usage can not be limited to that one thing only. They can be used for many other things as well; one just needs to be creative. The strength and quality of the containers make it possible to use them in more ways than one. Moreover, thanks to the unique prints and colors, this overcomes the dullness of cardboard. Everything you create will have beauty as well as strength. You merely need to think outside the box to come up with the best ideas. Here you are about to learn the many ways to use a cardboard box.

Create Drawer Organizers with Cardboard Boxes

The first thing that a pile of cardboard boxes can be used for is making drawer organizers. We all know the pain of stacked and overflowing drawers. Whether it is utensils, stationery items, or essential beauty products, the drawers are flooded to the brink. This clutter makes it impossible to find a specific item when you need it. It takes hours to go through all of the items to locate what you need. However, this hassle can be taken care of by drawer organizers.

Custom cardboard boxes come in different shapes and sizes. So, you can cut the top part of the container and leave 4 to 5 inches in height. This will give you a small organizer that you can place in the drawer. Make plenty of them, and then place them all in the drawers. This way, all of your stuff will be more organized, and you will be able to reuse the packages. You can reuse old boxes without throwing them in the trash.

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Unique Picture Frames

Another great method to reuse old printing cardboard boxes for packaging is by making picture frames out of them. Everybody loves taking pictures. So why not hang some of those memories around the house? You can use old cereal cardboard packages for this purpose. As they are wider in height, they will give you more freedom to create any shape of your liking. Moreover, once you have cut out the shape, you can adorn the frame with the embellishment of your liking. You can also use stickers or any foil that you like. It is a simple way to use old packages and brings beauty to the simple walls of the house. If you have children in your house, then this is a great way to decorate their rooms with photos.

Storage Boxes for Children’s Toys

Another effective way to use old packages lying around the house is by making storage boxes out of them. This is a great method, especially if you have small children in the house. You can add their favorite cartoon characters to the containers to pique their interest. Moreover, carve out shapes and designs to enhance the beauty of the storage boxes. This method works wonders in reducing waste. Furthermore, it also helps in teaching children about staying organized. Last but not least, there is no need to go out to the market to buy storage boxes for toys. Sturdy cardboard containers will hold their ground for quite a long time.

DIY Pots for Plants

If you love plants, then this is a great method for you to use old cardboard containers present in the house. Therefore, you can make small pots from them for your little plants. Cut the packages in any shape and size of your liking. You can also cut them according to the size of the plants. Then place the plants in a small bag with soil and holes and put them in their makeshift homes. For adornment purposes, you can use stickers, embellishments, and even tapes. Moreover, you can also use some wire and tie it at the top of the pots to hang them on the balcony.

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Wall Art

This is another amazing and creative approach to old packaging. If you have a ton of old boxes in the house, take them to your workshop. Take scissors and start cutting out shapes and designs. Everyone loves wall art as it brings beauty to the bland walls of the house. Why buy expensive wall art from the market when you can easily make it at home with cardboard containers? You can cut out any character from your favorite movie or any specific shape.

Feel free to do what you want to. To bring beauty to your wall art, you can use paints, stickers, small jewels, and colorful tape. Once you are done, nail all the pieces to the walls of the house, and you will see a great difference. There will be a smaller pile of old boxes, and the walls of your house will be prettier looking than before. So, it is a win-win situation.

Bird Feeder from Cardboard Boxes

The last great and creative thing that you can make from old packages is bird feeders. This is an amazing way to provide food to little souls. Moreover, it also helps in getting rid of the pile of packages. Carve out shapes of your liking, or you can follow the original cardboard box design. Create small and multiple bird feeders and place them outside the house.

Having piles of old cardboard boxes in the house is not a good sight. Throwing them out increases the waste, so that is not a solution too. However, there are ways for you to use the packages and create something unique out of them. Some of the inventive ways of using containers are present in this article.


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