Is ChatGPT Plagiarism Free? Check The Brutal Truth

Is ChatGPT Plagiarism Free? Check the Brutal Truth

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If you are reading this post, you might have recently learned about the viral chatbot. An Al research lab, Open Al, develops this advanced artificial technology. It is build-in to solve human queries in a conversational human way. Hence, the device is designed to solve daily problems and improve people’s lives. Since this bot was recently launched, there have been multiple rumours regarding the operation and safety of this latest platform. Yet out of all the queries, the most common query that the university students ask “Is it legal to use this software for writing your assignments?” The proceeding thought that comes to the fresher mind after this question ” Is ChatGPT Plagiarism Checker FREE?” Well, you will have to wait until the end for a satisfactory answer. Hence without any further delays, let’s do an in-depth analysis of ChatGPT.

What Is ChatGPT?

This text-based artificial intelligence tool was introduced by the company known as Open Al. After the CEO Sam Altman announced the public testing of this one of its kind technical software, this Al software broke many records when it crossed one million users in less than a week’s launch. This new kid in the technological domain took the world by storm as it is getting positive and negative attention everywhere. In layperson’s terms, this chatbot is used to provide a solution to your problems as well as writing assignments on requests.

Moreover, this premium tool can produce a well-researched write-up in response to your homework queries. Hence, the demand for this software is increasing data by day. It is usually popular among scholars working on multiple assignments during college. However, copying and pasting the entire content of the weekly project submission will never lead to high academic performance. Yet, you can use the solution as a reference to create original content.

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Additionally, this artificially developed algorithm system is built on understanding the main intention behind user inquiries. However, the information delivery is done through customer care chats. Hence this program is a combination of artificial intelligence and machine learning together.

Advantages of ChatGPT Write-Up

  • It saves time because it can provide a 10-page essay in seconds.
  • That makes you a more productive writer.
  • More professionalization of the essay themes is possible.
  • Higher level of quality
  • Increased precision
  • ChatGPT is still free to save a lot of money.
  • Essays written for ChatGPT have drawbacks.
  • Potential instances of plagiarism in the essay
  • Since the essay lacks any personal sentiment, there is no critical critique.
  • Perhaps incorrect if the required commands or requests are not made.
  • It needs to be proofread after the writing is complete.
  • Personal information in the essay must be edited by you (names, university, course)

Is Written Content By ChatGPT Plagiarised?

You know the true definition of plagiarism. Now you must be wondering if the projects written by ChatGPT are original or plagiarized. According to the recent statistic, the written part is structured correctly with Check grammar and the proper link between paragraphs.

  • Still, This method of writing is not approved by the learning institutions. The only concern is the plagiarism percentage the paper contains.
  • According to Open AI, the ChatGPT is a chatbot that employs Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF) technology but has been modified to appear friendlier to people, according to the company’s website.
  • Users can breathe easier knowing that ChatGPT is plagiarism-free. The website states that ChatGPT uses Originality AI. A plagiarism monitor and AI Plagiarism checker free called Originality AI is explicitly made to find even the most minor instances of AI usage and plagiarism.
  • The primary goal of Originality AI, which was created for professional content providers, is to provide users with complete control over their work.
  • ChatGPT can’t use copied content since the platform does not use direct quotations from any sources. There are numerous discussions on whether or not using ChatGPT to summarise a passage from a paper will be considered plagiarism on Reddit, and people claim that ChatGPT will treat it as such.
  • Well, it’s not shocking that the content provided by this tool has around 40-60% of infringement. So you can use the plagiarism checker free tool for checking duplication.
  • Therefore, you will only rewrite about 20-30% of the work to reduce it to acceptable plagiarism levels. The next thing is to take and analyze the plagiarism report in detail. You are most likely to find the areas that are plagiarized. All you need to do is rewrite all the plagiarized and highlighted sentences in your own words.
  • When the writing is done, you must proofread the essay to ensure everything is in order. Remember, this is a bot, not a real human being, so you must proofread to ensure grammar, sentence structure, and citations are correctly inserted into your essay.
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Wrapping Up

ChatGPT was created by a leading AI research lab OpenAI, and it is a chatbot developed to solve users’ queries in a human conversational chat way. Since its launch, users have had many questions regarding the chatbot. To know what ChatGPT is, and Is ChatGPT is Plagiarism Free, read the entire article and share it with your friends. Suppose you are looking for some other trending way to develop your assignments.

But despite joining top-notch colleges, scoring well in assignments is a significant concern for freshers. If you are facing similar problems, get help from leading assignment services online.

But with the dramatic shift to the self-learning approach of the student, multiple academic modules are available these days for upskilling in their learning journey.

And yet, you need help with writing management assignments. Because these assessments require high analytical fact-finding skills, then take assistance from plagiarism checker free. That will aid you in overcoming the assignment problem. Thus, you can focus better on your studies.

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