Is Doing an AWS Certification Good for Freshers? Know here

An AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner is what?

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner is a credential that attests to your proficiency with AWS (Amazon Web Services).

What are AWS Certifications?

AWS training and certification is a web service provided by Amazon with the official name “Amazon Web Services.” The AWS certification recognizes your knowledge and skills to use this service. There are 11 courses in this AWS certification, but the introductory course is “AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner.”

Required knowledge and skills

Let’s look at the knowledge and skills required to qualify as an aws cloud developer.

• six months or more of experience using cloud computing in technology, management, sales, purchasing, or finance.

• A working understanding of IT services and how to use them on the AWS cloud platform.

In short, it is intended for people with at least half a year of experience using AWS and basic knowledge.

In addition to the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, there are two levels of AWS certification.

The level is “Associate,” which assumes people with more than one year of AWS experience, and “Professional,” which takes people with more than two years of AWS experience. Compared to the two levels of “Associate” and “Professional,” you can expect that there will be elementary problems.

Qualifications for everyone involved in AWS

People involved in aws training and certification course come from various industries. AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner is an introductory qualification for “everyone involved in AWS “in any industry. So even if you haven’t joined aws certification training yet, you should be able to qualify if you properly learn about AWS.

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Exam Content


The time limit is 90 minutes. 

Test location

The test will be held at the test centre. You can also take the aws cloud Practitioner online at home or at work (with online monitoring).

Question range

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam covers four areas: “Cloud Concepts, cloud security, Technology and Billing.”

The percentage of questions on the exam is 28% for “cloud concepts” and 24% for “security.”

“Technology” is 36%, and “Billing and charges” is 12%.

For detailed exam content in each field, please see the “AWS devops cloud certification Exam Guide ” on the official website. It is a must-read for anyone wishing to apply for the exam. Visit the exam’s official website to register.

Benefits of getting an AWS qualification

The services provided by AWS are constantly being updated with new ones. You can expect the following merits by acquiring AWS certification and learning for acquisition.

• Catch up on the latest AWS information: AWS certification is not difficult for engineers who use AWS daily. By checking the latest information on AWS during the learning process, you can get the latest information that is useful for your daily work. AWS is constantly evolving and working to improve usability and functions, so new information comes out as soon as you think you have the latest information.

• Show off your AWS expertise: Having an AWS certification makes it easier to do business with cloud services. Also, as an individual, you can appeal to your expertise in job change activities, etc.

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• Self-assessment of your level of expertise: By studying for an AWS Certification, you can check your own skill level on AWS.

• Free practice exam: AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner is an introductory credential to AWS Certification. Earn one AWS certification and get free practice exams for other certificates. It can be said that it is beneficial for those who want to acquire other AWS qualifications from now on. Taking practice tests is one of the greatest ways to prepare for the AWS certification.


This knowledge will be your starting point as you prepare to take the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam. An entry-level requirement for AWS certification is AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner. It is a qualification that is easy to acquire even for those who start from “What is AWS?” Recommended for everyone involved in AWS, not just engineers.

Why not take the exam as a warm-up before aiming for another AWS certification? As mentioned in the post, if you can get the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner qualification, you can take practice exams for other certifications for free. To expand the field of activity as an engineer, it is recommended that you try AWS to the fullest.

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