Is it Possible To Get a Reliable Smartphone?


Today, the electronics market is rife with smartphone models: a plethora of new brands, an ocean of cheap devices, and a sea of ​​defiantly expensive devices. How to understand this abundance and who will answer the main questions: what characteristics to look for when buying a smartphone, when and where is it better to buy a phone, and which operating system to choose?

Which OS to Choose?

One of the main characteristics when choosing a smartphone is the operating system. What do you want: Android or iOS? If iOS is only an iPhone, if Android, options begin, there are many brands. Most often, people buy phablets. Smartphones with a large screen so that they combine both a phone and a tablet in one device.


iOS is developed by Apple and is the operating system for all iPhones. Global iOS updates are released by Apple every year but are not supported by a number of older iPhones.

Apple’s operating system is more secure than Android. This is achieved due to the closeness of the platform and better moderation of mobile applications in the App Store compared to Google Play.

Another advantage of the platform is its unity with other Apple operating systems (iPad OS for iPad tablets, macOS for Mac computers). You can start editing a document on a MacBook and continue on your iPhone. Or open the site in a browser on a smartphone and continue browsing on a tablet.

iOS does not allow you to install applications from third-party sources (without jailbreak – operations to hack the operating system) and has poor options for customizing the appearance of the OS.

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Android is the most popular mobile operating system. It is developed by Google, but manufacturers have the ability to customize it, and therefore the system looks and behaves with some differences on devices of different brands. After checking the HONOR 70 price, you also should check its OS version as well. Same with other brands.

The OS is open, which allows more developers to implement functions and anyone who wants to write Android applications for free and test them on their device.

The openness of the code also allows the creation of alternative Google Play app stores, but at the same time makes the system more vulnerable.

What characteristics to consider?

The main characteristics when choosing a smartphone are the quality of the battery, camera, screen, and processor. You should also pay attention to the capacity of RAM and disk space and the number of slots for SIM cards. All other characteristics are exclusively individual.


Batteries vary in power. In more expensive devices, batteries, on the one hand, are more durable, on the other hand, they can spend a lot of energy on the operation of the screen, processor, and video. Double-edged sword. It is impossible to give a recommendation that you need to buy only lithium-ion batteries of a certain capacity from such and such a manufacturer (after all, batteries for smartphones of different brands are supplied by their partners). It is necessary to evaluate together the battery capacity and the uninterrupted operation of the smartphone in talk mode.

Well, in order to somehow orient yourself, check the battery capacity of the phone you are interested in and compare it with another mobile phone with a display of the same size. As a rule, a larger capacity provides a longer battery life. However, the battery life to a greater extent depends on the amount of load on the power grid of the device.

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One of the important factors in evaluating a display is color reproduction. OLED displays – organic light-emitting diode displays. Each pixel in them is an independent light source. They don’t need additional lighting. They offer high contrast and brightness, incredible blacks and blues, are energy efficient, and have comfortable viewing angles.

Thus, a higher resolution does not always guarantee a better picture. Don’t be greedy for big numbers: 4K display, 3840×2160, 3840×1644 pixels, etc. A 5-inch diagonal is enough for an HD display (1280×720 pixels), for a 5.5-inch one you need Full HD (1920×1080) pixels).

Screen size is a matter of personal preference. It is clear that if you watch movies on your smartphone or edit photos before sharing them on social networks, then screen size (more than 5 inches) and resolution (at least HD) will be important factors in choosing. Or maybe you prefer one-handed operation and jeans pocket size. Hold several smartphones in your hand in the store and choose yours. But keep in mind: phones have frames of different sizes. Pay attention to the physical dimensions of the smartphone.


Image and video quality depends not only on the resolution of your smartphone but also on the ability to get a good image in various lighting conditions.

There are many criteria for choosing a camera. And this is not only their number and resolution but also the zoom, as well as the possibility of night shooting. In real-time, you need to check these characteristics and only then purchase the device.

Thus, the number of megapixels does not guarantee the high quality of the camera. Smartphones with cameras with the same resolution can shoot in completely different ways. And a high-resolution camera can also lose quality photos to a camera with a lower resolution.

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The main advantage of a decent processor is speed. Modern processors for smartphones come from either Qualcomm or Intel. All the processors that were released a year and a half before the launch of the phone are good. However, you need to understand that the smartphone will slow down over time. New applications appear – they take up more space. Therefore, they say that a new smartphone can last a certain number of years, but not 15. It simply will not be able to work, and the point is not that the processor was bad, but that it was outdated.

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