5 Items To Keep Out Of The Laundry Room

Having some sort of laundry room in your house can make it much easier for you to get laundry done in an effective manner. You need a good list of laundry essentials to make sure you have everything covered. Doing laundry is important for your hygienic health because dirty clothes can affect your health. Dirty clothes can carry bacteria, germs, etc. To live a healthier life, it is important to have high-quality cleaning products in your laundry room. There are some things that you should keep out of your laundry room for safety reasons and these are:


It is important to keep food out of your laundry room. Heat from the washing machine and dryer can harm the food. It is fine to store canned food in the cupboard in the laundry room. If there is humidity in the laundry room, then the lid of the store canned food can rust. It causes food to spoil. In order to avoid food spoilage, it is important to keep the temperature constant. Humidity in the laundry can affect the food. Sometimes, washing machines cause flooding which can damage the food.


Sinks help us to treat the stains, pre-soak with ease, wash our hands, fill the mob bucket and to clean the laundry room. Space for the sink would not be left in the laundry room after placing the washing machine, dryer and other laundry essentials in the laundry room. You can wash your hands, fill the mob bucket and clean the laundry essentials in the sink that is placed in the kitchen or bathroom.

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Flammable material:

It is important to keep the flammable materials out of the laundry room. Flammable material such as excessive dryer lint can obstruct airflow which causes excessive heat build-up and can lead to home fires. Flammable materials such as paints, solvents and cleaners may generate vapors that can start a fire if they are stored too close to the heat-producing dryer.

Harmful chemicals:

Harmful chemicals should not be placed in the laundry room. Some laundry detergents contain harmful chemicals that can cause allergies and hormonal imbalances. These chemicals can irritate the skin and eyes. This type of chemical should be placed in a cupboard that is out of reach of children. Some harmful chemicals such as naphthas can cause cancer in humans.

Rust remover:

We should keep rust remover out of the laundry room. Rust remover is the most dangerous laundry product. It contains strong acids that can burn our skin, eyes and mouth. Some rust removers contain hydrofluoric acid which is very harmful to us. It can even cause death.

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