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Know the details of the hunger games districts

hunger games districts

Do you know about The Hunger Games? One of the best series that was taken from a best-seller novel. The Novel was written by one of the famous American writers Suzanne Collins. It is a trilogy, and the fourth part is coming soon. 

In 2012 director Gary Ross made a movie based on the Novel itself. Jennifer Lawrence was the centre character in this movie. But in this movie, the most crucial matter is its district. We need to discuss the hunger games districts in this article. But before starting the discussion, we need to discuss other facts about The Hunger Games. 

The story of hunger games districts 

Let’s tell you a story. It is a story of a nation. The name of the country is Panem. The government has a central political structure. It means Panem is ruled by its capital. Panem is divided into 12 districts. 

Once upon a time, the people of 12 districts started revolting against the rules. But by the force enforcement, the rules smashed the revolt. And the people of those districts received a strange punishment. The norms said- the community would select one boy and girl of 12 to 18 years old. These two need to fight in the annual hunger game, and they will fight until one participant dies. 

A 16-year-old kid Katniss Everdeen took her sister in the 74 Hunger Games. Just before the final game, Katniss observed the fighters from the wealthy district being trained. 

Katniss started hunting the food. But she heard the sound of cannon. Katniss ran to her love interest Peete. At that moment, Peeta was injured badly. And Katniss killed him with her arrow to stop Peeta’s suffering. 

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The movie got a massive response from the audience. It was 142 minutes movie. The film’s budget was 78 million USD, and the gross income of the movie was 694 million USD. It was the highest-income movie of that year. 

If you check the cast, many famous actors and actresses worked in this movie. Jennifer Lawrence worked as Katniss Everdeen, and Josh Hutcherson played Peeta Mellark. Liam Hemsworth played the role of Gale, and Woody Harrelson played the role of Haymitch Abernathy. It was the most successful movie in Jennifer’s career. 

What are the hunger games districts

As per the discussion mode, we need to know about the hunger games districts. Many people ask about the community and want to know its features and information. We must discuss the matter and try to give our readers the best information about his districts. 

The hunger games districts are divided into the numbers 1 to 12. We need to check out each community so you can clearly understand these. 

The District One

District 1 is a wealthy region. The people of this area are associated with making gold items such as jewellery. The maximum of people in this area is craftsmen. They made products for the capital. For this reason, the people of district one get unique benefits. They are trained people for the hunger games. Other people call them Careers.

District Two

District two is located on the bank of the Rocky Mountains. The area has the largest community in the country of Panem. The people of this land are wealthy and have a healthy relationship with the rules. It is the weapon’s manufacturing area, so they are known as Mockingjay. The ruler’s army also trains these people for the annual hunger game. 

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District Three

It is an industry belt area. If you talk about the hunger games districts, the name of district 3 will come for a particular reason. This district is also produced television and technology. But the community is also famed as the rebel destroyer district. The maximum number of people in this land helped rulers smash the rebel. 

District Four 

The area is famous for the fishing industry. These people are also known as wealthy and handsome people. These districts are also in good relationships with the rulers and the section. They also take training from their career and participate in the hunger game. Finnick Odair and Mags Flanagan are the most influential persons in this area. 

District Five 

This area is responsible for the power supply and electricity as well. The site produced electricity for the whole of Panem. The hydroelectric dam and other essential power work in this area will be found. But at the time of the revolt, the rebels attacked the dam. 

District Six 

The area is one of the main areas for transportation. The district helps the Panem transportation and communication network. But during the revolt, these people supported Katniss and were against the Capitol’s rulers. 

District Seven 

Various trees and other important plants surround the area. Johanna Mason is the most influential member of this district. The district’s primary weapon is an axe. 

District Eight 

The area is famous for its textile industry. They produce uniforms and other clothes for the whole Panem. But the district supports the revolt. 

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District Nine

District nine is famous for its farming land and cultivation of grains. In a word, the land is the food supplier for the Panem country. 

District Ten

The people of district ten are famous for raising animals and supplying them to the other district. It is renowned as the meat capital. 

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District Eleven

This area is a vast land. It covers the whole south region of the Panem. Agriculture is the leading industry of this land. The site is covered with crop fields, orchards and animal firms. But as per the economy is concerned, the land is treated as poor land. Rue is the most influential person in district 11. 

District Twelve

It is the poorest area of Panem. The district is famous for its coal production. But due to their revolt, the coal mines are closed by order of the rulers. Now they are producing medicines. Katniss, Peeta and Gale are the citizens of this land. 

District 13 

There was another district that was called district 13. But after the first revolt, the rulers of the Capitol destroyed this area. Now the district has unknown energy technology that needs to be clarified. Later this land will become the central hub of the new revolt. 

In this brief article, we have mentioned all the districts of the Hunger Games. We hope you get a good idea about these districts and their whereabouts.

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