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Learning more about panchatantra stories in english language for kids

panchatantra stories in english

The panchatantra stories in english language is a very beautiful collection of short stories which is being written in the Sanskrit language originally by the Indian scholar and author named as Vishnu Sharma. 

The time of writing this particular panchtantra story is considered to be different for a few of the other scholars but it was written somewhere in 1200 CE. Basically these panchtantra stories are known to be very famous as well as very widely read books of the history which were being translated into many other languages.

All the panchatantra stories in english language majorly describe and are completely based on the wisdom which has been applied in the practical life of a person. In the panchatantra stories in english language there is a very beautiful concept narrated and also the central characters are being placed very beautifully and perfectly such as birds, animals, and people all are very perfectly placed.

All of these Central characters give a very wonderful advice, which ultimately helps a person in living a valuable life. All the lessons of these particular stories of Panchatantra are being given to the person in such a manner that it could not feel that we are learning something very difficult or very different but in fact a person will love to learn it.

There are few stories in panchtantra which are considered to be appropriate for children because the colourful characters or the wisdom related advice, which are being given in these particular stories are considered to be appropriate for the learners and for early stage people. And on the other hand, some of the stories are also considered to be appropriate to the young adults because the advice that is being given in these particular stories are considered to be perfect and appropriate for the young adults category and age group.

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Here in this particular article we are going to discuss as well as going to understand, the top most panchatantra stories in english language, especially for the kids, which have been used by parents or sometimes teachers in order to tell them in their story telling sessions. In order to make them able to choose their role plays or we can also say that idols of their life. Along with that some moral education is also been given through these particular stories. Ultimately a person will be able to learn something new in the form of life from a story.

The following are some of the major as well as the top most panchatantra stories in english language:

The monkey and the crocodile 

The monkey and the crocodile is considered to be one of the best as well as a very famous kind of the panchatantra stories in english language. Let us read the story.

There is a very popular and also very famous kind of story, which says that the monkey and the crocodile become friends one day. However, the wife of the crocodile is not so good and has some different kinds of intentions towards the monkey. Basically, she wants to eat the monkey and his heart.

A long time ago there was a monkey who used to live around the rose apple tree by the side of the river. He used to live all alone on that tree and has no other friends. One day he met a crocodile who lived in the river.

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Crocodile set to the monkey that he was very hungry and searched the food all across but found nothing then in order to help out the crocodile monkey give him some of the apples from the tree. Crocodile thanked the monkey and went away. 

Like the same crocodile started visiting the monkey everyday now in search of some rose apples, which were actually very delicious. One day the crocodile told the monkey about his wife that she also lives with me on the other hand of the river. Can you help me with some more Rose apples for her also? Monkey had no problem with that; he plugged some more apples and gave them to the crocodile without any kind of questions. It is a panchatantra stories in english.

Crocodile’s wife loved those apples and she also grew a bit of the jealous of the monkey as well because her husband was spending much more time away from her with the monkey. Therefore she pretended very wonderfully that a crocodile can not be a friend of a monkey. 

The wife of the crocodile was so smart that she thought that if the monkey is only eating these sweet apples daily then his flesh will also be very sweet to eat. Therefore she asked the crocodile to bring the monkey to the home so that they could have dinner together and also she could meet the monkey. But the crocodile was not so happy with it.

Therefore, the wife of the crocodile made up a plan, that she is very ill and one of the family doctors suggested that she needs to eat the heart of the monkey in order to live. Otherwise, she will die. The crocodile was so upset that he does not want his wife to die and on the other hand, she does not want to harm his friend. 

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Then with a heavy heart, the crocodile went to the monkey and invited him for the dinner as planned. Monkey was really very happy and he agreed instantly. But the monkey questioned that how he would go with the crocodile as the monkey does not know how to swim. Then the crocodile suggested to sit on the back of the crocodile and he would take him to the other hand of the river. Monkey happily agreed to it.

Monkey sat on the back of the crocodile and both began to go on the other side of the river. But in the middle of the river the crocodile started to sink. Monkey asked the crocodile what happened to you. He replied that I am going to kill you as my wife is so ill and in order to live again she needs your heart to eat. Otherwise she will die. 

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Monkey was shocked and he thought of a plan. He told the crocodile that he had forgotten his heart on the tree. They both went back, and the monkey jumped on the tree and fooled the crocodile.

Moral of the panchatantra stories in english language says that: it is always better to have a wise and knowledgeable enemy then to have a foolish and dumb friend. 

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