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Lil Huddy Wiki, Age, Girlfriends, Net Worth

Cole Chase Hudson, better known by his stage name Lil Huddy, is an American musician, singer, actor, and internet influencer.He is well-known for helping to found Hype-house and making the e-boy fashion trends and style popular.The talent agency WME represented Lil Huddy.He began his vocation from Tik Tok and gathered north of 30 million devotees on the stage in couple of years.

Lil huddy
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Information about Lil Huddy’s life

Lil Huddy was born to Cole and Tamora Hudson.Furthermore, Tamora and Cole are both teachers.Chase is 19 years old as of the year 2021.In April 2019, Chase and Cynthia Parker announced their engagement.However, they broke up in July 2019 after only a few short months together.Chase provided an explanation for their breakup on Twitter.He stated that they both felt like their relationship was not working.

Soon after, Chase became the subject of dating rumors once more—this time with TikTok king Charli D’Amelio.When both were observed kissing, in December 2019, the rumors began.


Chase Hudson is Lil Huddy’s real name, and he was born on May 15, 2002, in Oakland, California.He lives with his parents and has two siblings. According to sources, Chase stated that he had a well-defined life when he was a child.He has always had a passion for music and wanted to be a content creator.He switched to the online world when he was 13 years old, joining social media platforms to pursue a career as a content creator.

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Chase is a huge fan of the music group BTS and Justin Beiber.
He began uploading brief videos to TikTok, in which he demonstrated his cool dance moves, lip-synced, participated in trending challenges, performed duets, and more.He teamed up with many top TikTokers to build his commitment and draw in additional fans.In 2020, Interscope Records approached Chase about working together.When Chase posted a lie on his official Twitter account about his relationship with Nessa while he was dating TikTok queen Charli D’Amelio, he sparked controversy.

However, Huddy dealt with the situation promptly and cleared everything up prior to any significant loss of fan support.In 2021, he released a number of singles, including 21st Century Vampire, America’s Sweetheart, and Don’t Freak Out, all of which received millions of views.

Net Worth

Chase is currently worth a million dollars.Seventeen Magazine has revealed the assessed total assets of Lil Huddy starting around 2022 to be $5 million.TikTok and YouTube ad revenue constitute Huddy’s primary sources of income.His estimated monthly income from his YouTube channel is up to $2,500, according to Social Blade, and his annual income is $29.6K. His music is also available on Spotify, where it has received more than 10 million streams.

Lil Huddy receives $0.05 for each stream, and his single 21st Century Vampire has received 19 million streams, earning him more than $55,000 from Spotify.By and large, Lil Huddy acquires around $1 million yearly.In addition, Chase earns a substantial sum through brand partnerships with numerous well-known companies, including Burger King, Dior, Call of Duty, and others.

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Chase has launched his own website, where he offers membership plans to his fans. He is now a brand himself.The monthly cost of the membership plan ranges from $3 to $15.It was made for fans to get a better understanding of Huddy’s life and everything that happens to him.

Social Media

Other social media accounts of Lil HuddyEdit icon As a creator of content that receives the most views, Lil Huddy is present on every social media platform conceivable, including TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Spotify, and others.He has a verified Instagram account with 11.7 million followers and 2.18 million YouTube subscribers.He has uploaded over 500 videos and has 32.2 million TikTok followers.He has 3,922 tweets and has 2.9 million followers on Twitter.


When was Lil Huddy born?

Lil Huddy was born on May 15, 2002.

How old is Lil Huddy?

Lil Huddy is 20 years old.

What is the birth name of Lil Huddy?

Lil Huddy birth name is Cole Chase Hudson.

Where was Lil Huddy born?

Lil Huddy was born in Stockton, California, U.S..

What is the net worth of Lil Huddy?

The net worth of Lil Huddy is $3 million.

What is the color of Lil Huddy’s hair?

Lil Huddy hair color is Light brown.

What is the color of Lil Huddy’s eye?

Lil Huddy eye color is Dark brown.


Lil Huddy is the stage name given to American social media personality, singer, and actor Cole Chase Hudson.He is well-known for being in a relationship with Charli D’Amelio, co-founding the TikTok collective the Hype House, and popularizing the e-boy fashion style and subculture. He is also well-known for his relationship with Charli D’Amelio.Additionally, Lil is one of the top ten songs.

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