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List of Best Roblox Survival Games

List of Best Roblox Survival Games
List of Best Roblox Survival Games

There is no doubt that Roblox is the world’s most popular game creation platform. Users can create their own games, and then play other games made by others. Roblox is available on Windows PC, macOS, iOS, and Android. Roblox is well-known for its survival and scary games. Roblox Survival Games can be difficult to find because there are so many available. You have come to the right place! We got you covered.

Here’s the Roblox Survival Games List:

  1. Survival: Apocalypse
  2. Survival Mining Tycoon
  3. Natural Disaster Survival
  4. SCP Containment Breach Survival
  5. Island 2
  6. Dead Mist 2
  7. Zombie Outbreak Survival!
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Survival: Apocalypse

With your friends, survive until the end of the universe. To see how long you can survive, you have put in the middle of the Zombie Apocalypse. You will have to battle many zombies and occasionally mutants in order to survive. To survive, the players must search the world to find the resources and weapons they need to defeat the zombies.

The Key Features

  • Roblox’s second-most popular zombie survival game is now available.
  • Survive in a world infested by zombies in post-apocalyptic times
  • Find and gather the resources you need to survive.

Survival Mining Tycoon

Survival Mining Tycoon is a simulation of Minecraft in Roblox. To stay alive, you must build your home and defend it from the creepers. To survive the attacks of dangerous creepers, you must continue to explore new areas and find resources.

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The Key Features

  • Roblox – Experience Minecraft and enjoy it.
  • Create your world.
  • To survive, protect yourself from creepers

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Natural Disaster Survival

Natural Disaster Survival is an original and different game from all the ones on this list. The game has a unique idea about natural disasters that the player must survive, rather than zombies or enemies. This gives the game an advantage over other games. You can expect to face devastating earthquakes and volcanic eruptions as well as many other disasters. To survive catastrophic disasters, each round will have a different map. You can also form a team and help each other through these devastating disasters to increase your chances of survival.

The Key Features

  • Survive natural disasters such as earthquakes or volcanic eruptions.
  • Collaborate with friends to help one another survive.
  • Explore a variety of maps and locations.

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SCP Containment Breach Survival

Secure. Contain. Protect. The game is based on many fictional stories about monsters. There are many terrifying monsters with interesting stories. This makes the game extremely interesting and appealing to play. While there are many monsters in the containment center, some of them are free from their cells and want to kill you or your fellow players. You only have one goal: to survive the attacks of these monsters.

The Key Features

  • Survive the terrifying monster attacks
  • Amazing and entertaining stories about monsters.
  • Find a solution to the containment breach problem

Island 2

You find yourself on an island and are forced to survive. You can explore the island to discover new things that could help you survive. You can create camps and teams to help you survive on the island. There are many modes to choose from, and there is much more to discover and enjoy.

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The Key Features

  • Explore this island full of possibilities.
  • To make new friends, meet up on the island.
  • Survive on an island in unfamiliar surroundings

Dead Mist 2

Dead Mist 2 can be described as an Open World Survival Game. To get their loot, the player must collect guns and kill other players. You must be the best player, using strategies and tactics to kill all other players. You have a lot of maps to discover and many places you can hide from other players. You will have a better chance of surviving if you do this.

The Key Features

  • There are many cool guns and other weapons available.
  • Visiting and exploring many places is possible.
  • To collect your loots, kill all other players

Zombie Outbreak Survival!

Explore the world of unusual creatures and zombies. Players must search for the ammunition and arms needed to survive and fight the zombie waves. If you wish to survive long, you can form a team with friends.

The Key Features

  • Get rid of the bloodthirsty Zombies before they get to you.
  • Get together with friends and give zombies a hard time.
  • To save yourself from the most deadly attacks, find and collect new equipment.


In order to provide you with the best Roblox survival experience, these games were carefully chosen after extensive research. Sharing Roblox gameplay with your friends or followers can make you feel happier than anything else.

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