Local And International Parcel Delivery. What Is the Difference?

Today you will not surprise anyone with the service of fast delivery of parcels. Delivery of goods a few days after ordering online has become commonplace. And when we need to send something to friends or relatives in another city, we can easily schedule same-day pickup right on the doorstep and deliver it right away.

However, this only applies to local deliveries. When it comes to international package delivery, distance is not the only factor that distinguishes it from domestic delivery. The international shipping process can be much more complicated and tedious.

Local delivery of parcels is much easier compared to shipping to another country because you simply pack the goods, label them and hand them over to the local courier. However, it looks different for international shipping. You need to complete some paperwork and follow rules that you may not be aware of yet. But it’s not only that. Here we have compiled the differences between domestic and worldwide parcel delivery.

Let’s start.

What is international parcel delivery?

Simply put, international shipping is the process when a package is delivered from one country to another. Usually parcels abroad are delivered by air or by sea. The choice of shipping method depends on your needs, since shipping by sea usually takes much longer, but costs less.

Although international parcel shipping is fairly easy to determine, it may surprise you with a few issues. Let’s move on to the main differences between international and local package delivery that you need to know about.

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Additional expenses

International deliveries are usually more expensive than domestic deliveries due to more complex transport processes and of course longer distances. But it’s not only that.

After the package is received in the country of destination, it must go through customs. Each package is checked to ensure that it complies with that country’s rules for cross-border packages. Naturally, these additional processes lead to an increase in the cost of parcel delivery.

However, none of these aspects have a strong impact on the cost of international shipping. Usually, the cost mainly depends on the shipping company you choose. Our main goal at AEC Parcel Service is to offer reasonable and affordable shipping rates for every package you ship overseas.


When you ship packages overseas, the stack of documents you will be dealing with will be much larger. You will be asked to complete a declaration form to indicate the contents and value of your package, as required by customs. In addition, additional signatures may be required to insure your packages.

However, the documentation procedures that you are going to deal with will do you good. In the event that something unforeseen happens to your package during international travel, it will be much easier to sue for damage compared to local delivery. Usually, international shipping companies are responsible if something happens to your package. In addition, most reliable couriers have a responsive customer service that can deal with such inconveniences.


When you send packages locally, you hardly have to worry about the contents of the package. But when you ship a product overseas, you must comply with the origin country’s export regulations and the destination country’s import regulations. This part is extremely worthy of your attention when you send gifts to Europe from the USA.

Each country has different regulations regarding the items you can import or export. When shipping overseas, you must read and follow these rules.

To get basic knowledge and get acquainted with the peculiarities of the country, visit our country guides.

Cost of delivery

Shipping a parcel from one country to another will cost more than shipping within a country. However, if you are lucky enough to find a package delivery company with reasonable rates, this difference may not be significant.

This is due to the fact that most of the shipping cost is the profit of the company, and not the cost of transportation or customs clearance. When choosing a courier for international parcel delivery, make sure that you do not overpay for international Shipping parcel delivery.

How easy is it to ship overseas?

International parcel shipping may sound complicated, but it’s actually easy if you have a reliable parcel shipping company near you. This is the smartest way to successfully ship packages overseas. Shipping experts will immediately help you with documentation, customs and restrictions.

At AEC Parcel Service, we do everything in our power to make international parcel delivery simple and straightforward for our customers. Our helpful customer service will guide you through the maze of international shipping in no time.

In addition, you never overpay if you send packages with AEC. We guarantee some of the lowest shipping rates on the market.

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