Looking for something different in your home design

What makes Small House Co Designs different? In the video above, Cai and Lisa from Small House Co Designs explain in detail about their one-of-a-kind designs and what makes them different from other design companies in Sunshine Coast. They take you through their working process from start to finish as well as some of their most popular designs and what’s trending in the design world at the moment.

Introducing Small House Co. Designs

Small House Co is a residential and commercial architecture firm based on the Sunshine Coast, Canada. They are committed to designing modern, sustainable buildings with an emphasis on livability. The team at Small House Co has been designing award-winning homes since 1999, and they have been designing commercial buildings since 2004. If you’re looking for something different in your home design, check out their work today!

What makes Small House Co. unique?

Small House Co. is a company that offers small Small house co designs in Sunshine Coast designs, which means the homes are built on a smaller lot size than the average single family dwelling, but gives you all the same amenities of a larger home. The company was founded by two architects who were tired of designing large houses with no consideration to how much space they took up and wanted to create homes that were more sustainable and eco-friendly while being affordable as well. The homes start at around 1,000 square feet, but can go up to 2,500 square feet and include all the things you would need in an everyday living space: bedrooms, bathrooms, living room with fireplace and dining room.

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A closer look at some of their designs

Small House Co. was founded by a woman with a love for good design and excellent customer service. They are also committed to environmental stewardship and ensuring every project is sustainable in the long-term sense of the word by using materials that are environmentally friendly and workers who are treated well. They pride themselves on their accessibility too – you can reach them either online or by phone, and have someone walk you through any stage of the process, from concept to completion. If you’re looking for fresh ideas when it comes to designing your house or condo, take a look at this company today!

Why choose Small House Co.?

Small House Co is a residential architecture and interior design firm located in the beautiful Sunshine Coast, BC. We offer complete architectural services as well as an extensive range of interior design services to suit a variety of tastes and budgets. Whether you’re looking to update your kitchen or create a whole new layout, we can help you find the perfect solution that will suit both you and your budget. We love what we do because it allows us to fully immerse ourselves into every client’s vision and bring their ideas to life.


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