Make Customer Support More Effective with Toll Free Numbers

Make Customer Support More Effective with Toll Free Numbers

Cloud telephony services popularly use toll free numbers as an integral part of communication technology. To buy toll free numbers in India means a business giving itself a brand identity. 1800 is the common toll free Indian number. Toll free numbers are free to call, as the cost of calling is bared by the business.

Types of Toll-Free Numbers

There are mainly three types of toll-free numbers:

  1. Domestic Toll-free numbers: A business with different offices in many locations within the country can use a domestic toll free number. It helps the customers to get in touch with the business instantly without paying anything.
  2. Universal International free numbers: It is an eleven-digit phone number that can be used by any business in every geographical location that it works. A single number can be used for both national and international communication. Business with both national and international customer base uses this number to reduce confusion and better communication.
  3. International Toll-free numbers: These are country-specific numbers that a business can use. With country-specific numbers, a business can take different numbers for different countries. Though the numbers are different, it offers the same services to the business and customers.

Effective Customer Support with Toll-Free Numbers

Customer support can be made more effective with toll free numbers in the following ways:

  1. Builds brand recall value: Toll free numbers are easy to recall, which helps customers to easily connect and engage effortlessly with the business. Toll free numbers enable customers to reach a business through different channels and contact points. It reduces the barriers to connectivity and communication.
  2. Around-the-clock support:  Toll free numbers offer 24×7 support to the customers. It can also be reached after working hours and on holidays. It enhances customer engagement rate and customer satisfaction.
  3. No payment: The cost of calling is bared by the business which makes it very convenient for the customers to connect with the business. As the calls are free, the customers can take enough time to consult the agents and experts. This strengthens the quality of service offered. It is convenient for the customers to get the full benefit of services. The customers get undivided attention from the agents and no call is compromised due to time or payment conditions. It also helps a business to pull more customers and offer quality service. 
  4. IVR connection: Toll free number providers like Knowlarity offer easy IVR connections that help a business to establish immediate customer interaction. With the IVR’s multi-level menu, a business can easily connect to specific needs and departments. IVR menu helps a business to identify the need of the customers instantly and offer the service needed. It reduces customer wait time that is otherwise taken up in navigating and directing from one agent to another. It fastens customer engagement rates and enhances customer satisfaction.
  5. Easy market expansion: Customers often look for businesses with more market reach that establishes the branding and quality of services. A business can buy toll free numbers in India to easily expand its market reach globally. Rapport building with customers is easier for a business with a more market base. It also helps a business to learn from different audience groups and frame support in specific ways.
  6. Routing and recording: Another reason to buy toll free numbers in India is for the routing and recording feature. All calls are easily routed as per the need of the customers. It enhances customer satisfaction with reduce wait time and instant service delivery. Call recording ensures recording all details that help with future connectivity. A business can instantly look up the records and help a customer accordingly. As all the recordings are saved in the cloud, there is no risk of loss or misplacement. Call recording also helps to deliver quality and professional services to customers.
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Knowlarity is one of the leading toll free number providers. A business can be completely dependent on Knowlarity for efficient customer support. It promises and delivers the best service at affordable budgets. A business can customize the solution which further can be easily integrated with other solutions. Thus, with Knowlarity as toll free number provider, a business will never bear the burden of compromised service delivery. It has been established by the growing number of business that is connected with Knowlarity as providers.

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