Make your celebrations big with the Best Shisha Bar in Hamburg

If you are seeking a chilled Shisha Bar within your city, then check out the coolest locations over the Internet beforehand. The Best Shisha Bars in Hamburg aims to serve you unique shisha. The idea of the shisha water pipe actually comes up from India or else Persia however there is no consensus over that. “Shish” means something like “glass” in Persian. To this day, people appreciate the conviviality and the related sitting together with friends which are considered a sign of hospitality. Shisha Bars may now be found in all parts of the world and are very popular, specifically among youngsters and teenagers. Come over here so as to have the Best Shisha Bar in Hamburg (Beste Shisha Bar in Hamburg).

A special Shisha Tobacco is often smoked in the water pipes that are usually flavored into 1001 flavors. Among them, you would find fruity varieties like orange, mango, or else banana, mint, licorice, or else coconut that is extremely popular. Funny tobacco blends like currywurst, basil, or cheese find their way into the bars. The hookahs get fired up with shisha charcoal, and sometimes charcoal tablets or simple charcoal gets used. You will find the Best Shisha Bar in Hamburg serving the most amazing cocktails. There is nothing that does not exist here and you have the choice of countless drinks through the spirits shelf. You may also order a well-kept shisha and get spoiled for choice here too. You may select between delicious flavors like mint, cherry, or honeydew melon- or how about Bounty flavor?

Make your day or else the weekend just amazing while coming up over here

We are open to serving you on all days!!!!

Fine tobacco varieties like Apfel, Minze, or Bluemint may also be ordered. Elissar Lounge is very well known for the great weekend parties and the superstars we host through multiple countries around the Middle East along with amazing belly dancers that would take your breath away. The theme of the music at each party is unique and varies between Arabic, German, Iranian, Turkish, and English depending upon the occasion or reservations. The top starts parties are usually posted one month ahead and reservation gets closed based on a first come first serve basis. You may also order multiple extras like milk, an ice cube or syrup, and fresh limes. The price for a hookah begins at 10 Euros. Fine cigars like Hamburger Lotse, Montecristo, or Romeo Y Julieta are even over the program.

The Best Shisha Bar in Hamburg is indeed a special address for enjoying shisha. The elegant atmosphere aims to invite you to linger in a trendy hot spot. There are selected drinks, cocktails, and delicious cakes on the menu along with fine shisha tobacco, which when heated with shisha coal becomes a stimulating treat. You may have the choice between multiple different flavors like watermelon shisha tobacco, cappuccino, or strawberry and you may be there for 9.00 euros. The relaxed vibe of this amazing disco bar aims to extend to an atmosphere interior and a cool outdoor patio. You may relax every day here at this bar so as to enjoy the unique shisha. Ensure that you enjoy a delicious shisha together with delicious drinks. Whether beer, wine, spirits or cocktails, the Shisha Bar has got a huge range of drinks on its menu.

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Make your day wow with the Best Shisha Bar in Hamburg

Serve yourself with the Best Hygienic Shisha now!!!!!!

The selection of hookahs turns out to be extensive and you may select your special taste from countless flavors. Nachos with cheese or salsa sip may be ordered for a snack between meals. Nachos with cheese or salsa dip may get ordered for a snack between meals. Make the all-around enjoyment of drinks, friends, water pipe, and gambling perfect. The Best cocktail bar in Hamburg (Beste Cocktailbar in Hamburg) is not a slogan however it is a fact that if you do not like cocktails, do not pay for them.

At Elissar Lounge we may use the best tobacco moassal from the Al-Fakher brand; the shishas get cleaned and sanitized after every use for your maximum safety. The service is round the clock to make sure that your charcoal is always ready and your shisha turns out to be firing nonstop. You need to make sure that you visit us during the week for a relaxing chit-chatty talk with your friends and companions over slow classic Arabica music, or if you are for a hyper night the weekend parties are what you are seeking out, live music, DJ, belly dancer, shisha, drinks, and maza so as to fill your time joy until the morning light comes up.

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