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Making Personalized Cinema Viewing Experience Pleasurable 

It should go without saying that the last few years have been very unique. The new reality is something that not everyone is comfortable with, from the world’s struggle to deal with the epidemic to the world economy taking a knock. 

In the past years, several firms suffered losses. One of the many companies that were closed for almost half the year was the entertainment industry. The OTT services made all the money because the theatres were closed for such a long time. One might claim that OTT platforms have enjoyed a great year since more individuals are subscribing to these services and production companies are producing high-budget movies. 

However, theatres and commercial centers have reopened with the progressive unlocking. The government had permitted the theatres to operate at 50% capacity, which has been a huge relief to multiplex owners. 

Care at the multiplexes 

These multiplexes have been launched with the utmost care. The safety routine includes mandatory temperature checks, digital bookings/payments, masks, and sanitization. 

There is another method to see your favorite film on the huge screen for people who have been still dubious. Big screen hire is all you have to do. 

Customers will be able to select the date, time, and movie at the multiplex. At least 2 persons and a maximum of 50% of the total seating capacity of cinemas nationwide may choose this option. 

For individuals who have missed seeing films on the celluloid but have been hesitant to share the theatre with strangers, this offer might be rather thrilling. Planning a little get-together with your good friends or having a family movie night while enjoying your favorite popcorn would be enjoyable. 

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How early should I make event reservations? 

There are several opening times for our affiliated theatres. In certain theatres, you could only request times, while in others, you may directly reserve a time from the list of open slots on our site. You have up to six months from now to request or make your reservation. 

The earliest available timeslots are five days after the day of booking. Preparing for the event one to two weeks in advance would be highly recommended. 

What types of movies are available to me? 

From our enormous movie library, you may select either the most recent theatrical movies or your favorite timeless classics. Check back often since we will be expanding our collection of great movies all the time. You may also demand a movie here, and if it becomes accessible in the future, we’ll get in touch with you. 

Can I switch the movie I’ve chosen if I wish to see something else? 

No, after you’ve placed a reservation, the theatre will get information about the film and the event. If you wish to view a different movie, you must cancel your reservation and make a new one. 

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