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MBBS Admission in China’s Top Medical Colleges

MBBS Admission in China

China’s MBBS

Pakistani students commonly enroll for medical study abroad because there is a high demand for MBBS there. One of the greatest places for students to pursue medical education at a reasonable cost is Chinese medical universities.

The majority of Chinese medical universities are among the top 500 universities in the world, and their programs are roughly 70% less expensive than equivalent programs anywhere in Europe or the USA. International students frequently choose to pursue their MBBS Admission in China because of the cheaper cost of living and reasonable tuition. There are 45 universities in China that have been approved by the National Medical Commission, and each of them offers about 3000 spots each year to foreign students.

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Introduction to MBBS in China

MBBS program length

5+1 years


WDOMS, ECFMG, FAIMER, PMC, and the Chinese Ministry of Education

eligibility requirements

at least 60% of PCB subjects in 10+2

MDCAT prerequisite



Not necessary

Medium of instruction


Admissions Process


typical MBBS costs

Approx. $3,800 to $4,500 USD annually

expense of living

INR 15,000

Why MBBS Study in China?

The following are the main arguments for Pakistani students to select MBBS in China:

China provides many prospects for growth as it is the nation with the fastest rate of growth in the world.

The National Medical Commission (PMC) has accredited the top 45 medical schools in China, giving Pakistani students greater choices.

All Chinese medical schools grant their students MBBS degrees, which are recognized around the world.

Chinese medical schools train their students for the USMLE and FMGE, giving medical students access to a wide range of options.

Every year, more than 5000 students travel to China to pursue MBBS degrees.

The cost of medical school starts at INR 15 lakhs for the full program.

Admission to MBBS in China does not require a donation or an entrance exam.

At medical schools in China, Pakistani students have the opportunity to study Chinese to improve their ability to communicate with patients.

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Universities in China are educating students using cutting-edge teaching methods.

The medical schools and institutions in China are well regarded internationally.

The admissions process is easy and straightforward.

Living expenses are reasonable and accessible to all students.

For Pakistani pupils, English is the language of instruction.

After completing the FMGE examination, Pakistani students are eligible to practice medicine there.

For students from Pakistan, studying medicine in China is safe.

Qualifications for MBBS in China

The following criteria must be satisfied by students who wish to study for an MBBS degree in China:

PCB subjects received a grade of at least 60% in 10+2.

greater than 17 but not older than 25.

MDCAT certification is required.

Chinese Medical Board Entrance Process

The following steps must be taken for admission to China’s top medical universities in order to pursue a medical degree:

With Study Overseas, select the top medical university in China.

Complete the university’s application form and include any necessary supporting documentation.

Get a letter of acceptance from the college.

Upon providing your original passport and other supporting documents, apply for a student visa.

Pay the tuition for the first year.

Grab your luggage and head to China for your MBBS.

The Education Abroad team will arrange admission letters, converted currencies, etc. on behalf of the students.

Admission Requires Documentation

Pakistani applicants for MBBS admission in China must present the following paperwork:

scanned copies of pass certificates and 10th and 12th-grade mark sheets

Admission letter

Birth certificate

The medical certificate with HIV report

Colored passport-sized photographs

Caste certificate (optional)

Student visa

Valid passport with 1-year validity

MDCAT scorecard

Air tickets

MBBS in China Fee Structure 2023-24

University Details

Fees 1st Year

Hostel Per Year

One Time Charges

Misc Charges Per Year

Total 1st Year

Total 2nd to 5th Years

Total 5 Years

Hust University (Pre-Medical)

40000 RMB

7000 RMB

1100 RMB

1000 RMB

49100 RMB

48000 RMB

241100 RMB

Wenzhou Medical University (Pre-Medical)

30000 RMB

4000 RMB

800 RMB

2500 RMB

37300 RMB

36500 RMB

183300 RMB

Qingdao University (Pre-Medical)

30000 RMB

8800 RMB

600 RMB

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2300 RMB

41700 RMB

41100 RMB

206100 RMB

Shihezi University (Pre-Medical)

30000 RMB

5000 RMB

1000 RMB

1700 RMB

37700 RMB

36700 RMB

184500 RMB

China Medical University (Pre-Medical)

40000 RMB

7000 RMB

1500 RMB

1400 RMB

49900 RMB

48400 RMB

243500 RMB

Dalian University (Pre-Medical)

42000 RMB


800 RMB

2500 RMB

53300 RMB

52500 RMB

263300 RMB

Ningxia Medical University (Pre-Medical)

34000 RMB

5000 RMB

2280 RMB

2500 RMB

43780 RMB

41500 RMB

209780 RMB

Nantong University (Pre-Medical)

26000 RMB

5000 RMB

10000 RMB

1000 RMB

42000 RMB

32000 RMB

170000 RMB

Jilin University (Pre-Medical)

35000 RMB




35000 RMB

24600 RMB

133400 RMB

Capital Medical University (Pre-Medical)

25000 RMB


17300 RMB


42300 RMB

284800 RMB

Capital Medical University (Total 1st,2nd,

3rd,4th,5th(Per Year))

40000 RMB

7500 RMB


1000 RMB

48500 RMB

Xiamen Medical University (Pre-Medical)

38000 RMB

2000 RMB



40000 RMB

40000 RMB

200000 RMB

Xian Jiaotong University (Pre Medical)

40000 RMB

8700 RMB

1000 RMB

1600 RMB

51300 RMB

50300 RMB

252500 RMB

Xian Jiaotong University (Pre Medical)

40000 RMB

8700 RMB

1000 RMB

1600 RMB

51300 RMB

50300 RMB

252500 RMB


Tuition Fee (Every Year)

Hostel Fee (Every Year)

Medical Insurance(Every Year)

Visa Renewal (Every Year)

Shandong Medical University

6450 $





1st Year Tuition Fee

2nd To 6th Year

Hostel Fee (Every Year)

Zhengzhou University

38000 Y

35000 Y

5000 Y


1ST To 6th Year

Hostel Fee (Every Year)

Sun Yat-Sen University

48000 Y

87000 Y

NOTE: The student must pay the full amount outlined in the above fee structure. This fee package covers the cost of tuition, housing in a dorm, medical insurance, compensation for the company, FMGE coaching for the entire course, transportation from the airport to the university, a call to the student’s parents upon arrival, study materials in English, documentation of the student in the university, a free translator to help, and other services.

Chinese MBBS Syllabus

Year one

Anatomy I, Biochemistry, Speaking Chinese II, Integrated Chinese II, Introduction to Traditional Chinese Culture, China Today, Spoken Chinese I and Spoken Chinese II

two years

Anatomy II, Speaking Chinese IV, Integrated Chinese IV, Pathology, Physiology II, Histology and Embryology, Physiology I, and Physiology II

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year three

Medical Psychology, Medical Ethics, Medical Genetics, Pathophysiology, Microbiology, Pharmacology I, Chinese Reading II, Pharmacology II, Chinese Reading I, and Community Medicine

year four

Traditional Chinese Medicine, Medical Radiology, Diagnose, Basic Clinical Skills, General Surgery, Anesthesia, Medical Chinese II, Internal Medicine I, Surgery I, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, Infectious Diseases, Acupuncture, and Moxibustion

Year five

Fundamentals of Nursing, Medical Chinese IV, Forensic Medicine, Neurology, Ophthalmology, Otorhinolaryngology, Dermatology, Clinical Pharmacology, Clinical Imagiology, and Patient Safety. Medical Chinese III, Internal Medicine II, Surgery II, Psychiatry, General Oncology, Emergency Medicine, Stomatology, Traditional Chinese Medicine Patent Drug.


Internships in pediatrics, medicine, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, and other fields are available.

MBBS program length in China

For Pakistani students, the MBBS program in China lasts six years, including an internship year.

Language of Instruction for MBBS in China

Medical instruction is available in English at all of China’s PMC-recognized medical universities.

Differences between the MBBS programs in China and Pakistan

China’s MBBS

In Pakistan, MBBS

In China, the MBBS program lasts six years, including clinical practice.

The program lasts for 5.5 years (including 1-year Internship)

There isn’t a test for admittance. The only thing needed is a current MDCAT scorecard.

I need to get a decent MDCAT and 12th grade.

The cost of the complete MBBS program in Chinese universities ranges from about 15 to 35 lakh Chinese yuan.

Costs for government universities range from INR 11,000 to INR 7.5 lakhs (complete course)

Costs for private colleges range from 20 lakhs to 80 lakhs (complete course)

Chinese universities grant MD degrees to medical graduates, which are comparable to Pakistan’s MBBS degree.

The MBBS degree is given to medical graduates in Pakistan who successfully finish the MBBS program.

Students have opportunities and foreign experience.

No exposure to foreign cultures and few growth chances.

Why do Chinese MBBS Students Prefer Studying Abroad?

The Education Overseas team offers a range of services to Pakistani medical students who want to pursue MBBS degrees in China.

counseling provided on a one-on-one basis

choosing a university

aid with transportation and visas

Currency conversions

The application procedure

Financial assistance for students

formalities before leaving

Services available at the door

Regarding China

Governmental Language





Yuan (renminbi; )

Rate of literacy



the 1.41 billion

Separation in time from Pakistan

Pakistan is 2 hours and 30 minutes behind China.

Beijing, China, to Delhi travel time

straight flight for 5 to 6 hours


USA 1813 East Main Street, Salem, VA 24153