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MDoffice Vs. EZDERM: What Users Think

MDoffice- an overview

The MDoffice EMR system was created exclusively for ophthalmology practices. It also provides practice management services and is best suited for practices with less than 25 doctors. The program aids practitioners in their regular tasks. Using the MDoffice EMR system, users may record patient records and modify charts. They can also use SOAP notes using the mdoffice EMR capabilities. The program is available in both on-premise and cloud-based deployment options.

How may MDoffice EMR features improve your practice?

Integrated EHR: MDoffice EMR is a web-based clinical system for eye clinics. It enables your clinic to keep patient records, arrange appointments, and generate thorough interaction reports. It also features a practice management system, which aids in increasing cash flow. The program also includes a patient portal to view their health information.

Practice management: Unlike many other EHRs, MDoffice EMR was created with primary care physicians and small to medium-sized practices in mind. Charting, E-Prescribing, and Patient Engagement are examples of such functionalities. Another advantage is that the company provides a wound imaging app.

MDoffice has also launched ODoffice, a specialist EHR for optometrists. This program is intended to make your life easier while improving your bottom line. This system features a mobile app allowing you to access your ophthalmology EHR anywhere. ODoffice PM, the company’s practice management solution, is also available to assist you in enhancing your practice’s bottom line. The program is intended to improve patient care, lower administrative costs, and boost productivity.

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Medical billing: An EHR system can improve your workflow by automating processes. It will also assist you in maintaining a record of patient demographics, charge capture, and billing procedures. It is also an excellent technique to boost your health insurance reimbursements.

MDoffice User Feedback

You may use MDoffice EMR to streamline your medical office procedures and ensure that patient records are accurate and error-free. The program is also ONC-compliant, so you’ll never be shut out of your patient records. Another advantage is that you can simultaneously work with different healthcare professionals on the same patient.

MDoffice EMR is a powerful software that can handle everything from patient data to medical billing. The ease of use of this equipment is one of its best aspects, which is a nice difference from the frequently frustrating experience of utilizing an EMR.

What is EZDERM

EZDERM is an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system for dermatologists and patients. The program is mobile and may be accessed from any connected iPad or Mac-supported device. EZDERM EMR includes various dermatological office capabilities, including 3D Body Maps, allowing clinicians to document patient encounters using over 3,000 anatomical locations visually.

What features and benefits does EZDERM provide?

The ezderm emr system has numerous unique features created specifically for dermatology practices. For example, it includes 3D Body Maps, which help doctors visually document patient encounters by utilizing over 3,000 anatomical locations. In addition, EZDERM Electronic Health Records (EHR) software also includes a progress note function to help doctors record medically correct and succinct notes without jeopardizing the medical practice during audits.

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The EZDERM Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software solution supports clinicians in tracking concerns for each patient from start to finish and guarantees that a history of diagnostic image results is maintained. Furthermore, the health IT system’s iPad features enable clinicians to effortlessly shoot photographs, share them with their patients, and retrieve information from the system. The system also includes a patient interface for arranging visits and requesting prescription refills. The EZDERM EHR System earned the Healthcare Solutions Technology Award in 2013 and is completely customizable. It can be modified to meet any dermatology process. It also provides automatic coding for correct documentation, CPT, ICD-10, and E&M coding production. Through the Pharmacy Geolocation feature, the technology also saves practitioners time and eliminates the ambiguity in finding patients’ favorite pharmacies.

EZDERM EMR Software may automatically credit a clinician’s PQRS actions and provide exceptional PQRS reporting completeness. This aids providers in overcoming difficult reporting issues. Using EZDERM’s PQRS dashboard, medical practices may track PQRS reporting progress in real-time.

EZDERM EMR Users review 

Technology is always being updated and upgraded. During business hours, customer service is available by phone or email. Their Facebook page receives frequent updates, and customer service representatives respond to comments on it as soon as possible (even during off hours). There appears to be a limited amount of employee turnover, and it’s nice to speak with the same support reps every time you call. The website is regularly updated with new content and tutorials. EZSchool can be used to teach new staff and learn new/old tricks.

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Easy to use, the BEST support in the industry, constantly upgrading with new features, flat rate pricing that is the same for everyone, cloud-based and privacy-focused, and makes documentation a snap. Some features are only available on the iPad or the desktop; the only way to prevent this is to purchase Apple iMacs (this would be incredibly costly for outfitting a whole office). Most changes concern the EMR; billing and PM platforms should be more frequently noticed. Clinical staff training is well-planned and performed. The training for billing and admin could have been more thorough and organized.


MDoffice is mostly utilized in offices for administrative workflow because it manages all office operations for users. MDoffice automates and streamlines daily tasks in medical offices, such as scheduling, claim submission, collections, and all billing services. The program is well-equipped to manage revenue cycles, and patients with previous billing history may be quickly registered; it can also reserve time slots for them using the scheduler function. In addition, practitioners can create lists of persons who have upcoming commitments and automatically send them reminders. The platform also provides a high level of mobility since it includes a mobile application known as the ‘MDM,’ which allows specialists to view charts, reports, and patient records remotely via their iPhones and iPads.

EZDERM is a dermatology-specific Electronic Medical Records (EMR) & Practice Management (PM) software suite, as the name implies. It is a comprehensive quality software solution that controls your complete dermatology practice. In addition, EZDERM offers cloud-based capabilities, making it accessible from any internet-connected smartphone, iPad, MacBook, or Android device.

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