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Medical Air for Healthcare Facilities

Low Pressure Proportional Regulator

Medical air is not same as the regular air. It is clean, dry and purified air used with other medical gases to provide suitable air to the patients. Medical air systems are the most important elements of all hospitals. In these systems, medial air is used for respiratory therapy and calibration of medical devices. In the hospital, it’s necessary to provide clean, oil-free air for the treatment of the patients. Here it’s mandatory to do the precise distribution of the air and it can be only achieved with the help of the low air pressure regulator

Below we have listed some benefits of medical air:

Carrying Agent For Inhaled Anesthetics:

Medical air is necessary for various types of patient treatment. It is available near the beds of the patients, also used for the respiratory therapies that are performed in anesthesia and for other processes. 

These devices have the ability to reduce the coming pressure and maintain a constant state of pressure. Further, if a patient inhales air that is contaminated by oil or has the wrong composition of the other gases available in it, then it can harm the patient and can become the reason for a dangerous incident. That’s why it’s necessary to use low pressure air regulator with gauges in medical devices to provide accuracy. 

Operation Of Surgical Tools:

Compressed air is also utilized as a power source for many air-driven surgical tools containing low air pressure regulators that are used in the operation theatre, dentist chairs and other similar places. With the help of compressed air, pneumatic instruments can perform various tasks such as drilling, sewing etc. Moreover, it can also be used to clean and sterilize medical instruments after performing an operation. 

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Breathing Assistance:

In hospitals, medical air is used to let the patient breathe comfortably in the operating room and in the other critical care areas. Compressed air is good for patients that are facing difficulties while breathing on their own and during the treatment. However, a steady and controlled supply of oxygen during a procedure helps the patient to breathe comfortably. For this, a low air pressure regulator is used in medical devices. 

Ventilators and Incubators:

This is essential for the ventilators and the incubators to provide a clean and controlled amount of air to ensure the health and safety of the patients. For instance, newborn babies need clean air to breathe in the first breathing hours. Low air pressure regulators equipped with medical devices help to maintain the required pressure as per the need and regulate the precise flow of medical air into nebulizers, face masks, ventilators, hyperbaric chambers and endotracheal tubes etc. Here low flow regulator help to adjust the medical air pressure as per the need of each individual patient.  

Final Words:

Medical air plays a vital role in healthcare facilities. Compressed air and a controlled flow maintained with the help of the low air pressure regulator is necessary for patients that are having breathing issues and to power the various pneumatic equipments. Further, having the wrong pressure in the air can risk the life of the patient that why it should be controlled with the help of a precise ultra low pressure regulator.  

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