Microlight Flying In City Bangalore

Microlight Flying


Bangalore is not only the IT hub of India but also home to splendid open spaces and outdoor activities one can undertake for amusement. One of the most trending activities in recent times is Microlight Flying in the third largest city in the country also known widely as the Garden City of India. Bangalore is famous for its splendid beauty, brilliant greenery, and wide open spaces to pour your heart out into nature. 

Microlight flying allows you to capture the mesmerizing beauty of the majestic city from a height of 4000 feet above ground level. It’s an opportunity to relish the wonderful civilization of Bangalore from the air as if you were sitting in the heavens admiring the delicacy of the fine city.

What is Microlight Flying?

Spring in fame these days is the aero-sport of Microlight flying in Bangalore. It is an activity that allows you to either fly or be a passenger sitting next to the pilot in the aircraft. The aircraft is a miniature version of a typical airplane with the necessary features to ensure strength, stability, and safety. It can fly up to a height of 9000 m and go to a speed of 290 km/hr. However, the recommended speed is 100km/hr. It can carry a weight of almost 450 kgs and host two persons in a small setting.

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The location from where the plane takes off is Jakkur Aerodrome, Yelahanka, Bengaluru in Karnataka. It’s on Bellary road. 

Jakkur Aerodrome has located 22 km from Bengaluru airport and 15 km from Bengaluru city railway station. From Bengaluru city, Jakkur can be reached using public transport or auto or taxi.

Best time to go Microlight Flying

The best time to go for Microlight Flying is when the skies are clear with a stable atmosphere. The suggested months are in Winter, late Autumn, and early Spring. From October to March, the skies are clear, and the weather conducive for the aerial sport

Safety briefing

Microlight operators provide you with a briefing about security and precautions to take while riding the plane to prevent any mishap. They can also allow you to perform some simple maneuvers like making a turn or increasing or decreasing the altitude and speed of the aircraft. You can get the experience of being a pilot for a few seconds in real life and no one would miss it for anything! 

Who can try it? 

The good news about microlight flying is that you don’t need a certification or training or anything preparatory in advance to undertaking the thrilling adventure of riding a plane sitting next to the pilot. Anybody passing the age criteria who is mentally and physically fit for the ride can take it. Who does not want to fulfill the childhood dream of flying a plane, steering high in the air leaving the mortal earth behind, and entering the realms of surreal altitude?

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Things to know before attempting microlight flying

  • Only one passenger is allowed per flight since the plane can accommodate only one person besides the pilot. 
  • The passenger must be at least 10 years old to sit in the microlight flight. 
  • People suffering from Heart disease, Diabetes, Neurological Disorders, Blood Pressure-Related Diseases, or any other severe Medical Conditions are barred from undertaking such activity for health concerns. 
  • People under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or any intoxicating substance are barred from undertaking such an activity. 
  • Women pregnant with more than a 3-month-old fetus are barred from the sport for health-related concerns. 
  • Passengers must carry ID proof at the time of booking and produce one upon arrival at the spot of the flight. PAN cards shall not be accepted as one. 
  • Foreign nationals must carry their passports with them. 

Approximate cost

An approximate cost for a 10-minute flight could be between 3000 Rs – 5000 Rs.

FAQs about Microlight Flying in Bengaluru

1. Can one take guests to watch the flight? 

Answer: Yes. There are no restrictions on taking guests for spectating the flight. 

2. Is it compulsory to book in advance or on-site bookings are made? 

Answer: On-site bookings are a provision however it is advisable to book in advance.

3. How much does one flight cost? 

Answer: A single flight costs between 3000-5000 Rs. 

4. Do we need to carry a parachute? 

Answer: No. One is not required to and is advised to carry a parachute. Even if you carry one it cannot be deployed from such a low height. 

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What are you waiting for? Grab the adventure of a lifetime and make the most surreal experience your own.

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