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Mobile App Design Trends to Follow in 2023


Mobile app design trends are rapidly changing. So it’s not surprising that the mobile app market is flourishing, with more than 6.3 billion smartphone users and over 1.14 billion tablet users worldwide. Studies show that the average American checks their smartphone 262 times daily, approximately once every 5.5 minutes. Smartphones are used at work and home. Smartphones are what most people reach for first thing in the morning, and they’re the last thing they reach for before going to bed. This article may be being read on your smartphone right now. What are the places people travel to so frequently on their smartphones? It’s exciting to see 88% of mobile time spent on apps.

This article will focus on the top mobile trends for 2023. It is hoped that it will assist you in meeting this demand. Some trends have been around for years and are still popular. Others are becoming more popular. Different niches and businesses have different requirements regarding app mobile design trends. With so many options, finding the right combination of trends for your app and business is possible. Also, you need to choose one of the best app design companies to create a successful application.

The Mobile App Design Trends to Watch in 2023

Split Screen Design

This mobile design trend is not new, but its importance has increased, and there are many ways to make it happen.

The trend’s shifts show many options for creating user-friendly split-screen designs. Its high effectiveness is the main reason it is so popular. Splitting a screen is the best way to get multiple types of information at once. Splitting a screen is also a good idea for content. The user must choose from multiple options. Instead of switching between screens and forgetting the information (which is why smartphones are not used), you can view all the information, compare it, decide, and move on.

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Uber is a great example. You can view all details of your trip (a driver and car), payment details, and additional options. In real time, the map shows the location of the car.

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Augmented Reality

This trend is an excellent example of thinking outside the box when designing and creating.

AR platforms for digital and physical worlds are available from big-name companies such as Apple and Google. But, even if your company isn’t so big, this trend can still be very beneficial. For example, this is what many interior designers, furniture stores, architectural firms, and architects already do. Augmented reality allows them to “try on” various options, understand how each decision fits with the idea, and then show the client the result.

IKEA uses AR to allow customers to place furniture wherever they wish, then check the appearance and make a purchase. This lockdown helped maintain online sales and even increased them, as such interaction is helpful and engaging for buyers.


Your brand’s recognizability and brand image will be enhanced by adding illustrations to the app’s design. They reduce the amount of text displayed on the screen, speed up the user’s interaction with the app, and influence their decision-making. Remember to follow a consistent style so the user can quickly recognize and memorize your design.

Serif Fonts

Serif fonts will be a top trend in app design for 2023. There is a psychological reason for this: The letters stand out clearly and make it easier for the brain to remember words.

Voice-Based Assistants

Voice-based assistants are a growing market and are one of the most popular mobile app design trends. Virtual-assistant users are estimated to number around 110 million in the United States. A Statista report estimates that digital voice assistants could reach 8.4 billion in 2024.

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Voice-based assistants need superior voice user interfaces (VUIs), which allow users to communicate with the system only by speaking. Siri, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa are three well-known voice interfaces. VUIs have the main advantage of allowing users to interact with a system by not having to see it or use their hands.

Futuristic colors

It is not worth risking a neutral or pastel palette with so many apps. It is important to be distinctive and easy to remember. In addition, mobile app users are increasingly embracing futuristic, kaleidoscopic combinations. This trend allows designers and Ottawa Mobile App Developers to use color and contrast as tools and improve the user experience.

Designers are also less likely to be repetitive with a bright color palette, which opens up many creative possibilities.

Transparent Elements

This trend will allow you to create the most depth in your design and make users feel immersed in every meaning. Layering elements show the sequence of actions and explain how they interact with each other. You can then show the hidden meaning behind an element or action alphabetically.

It is modern, stylish, and attractive; let’s not deny it.

Dark Mode 

The dark mode is a low-light user interface that primarily uses dark colors. Dark mode has been a popular feature in mobile-app design over the past few years. Many of the most well-known brands in the world include light and dark modes within their mobile apps.

Dark mode can benefit users because it reduces eye strain and relaxes them by lowering the overall brightness. Reducing the additional number of bright pixels saves energy and prolongs battery life. Dark themes are preferred for organic light-emitting device (OLED) screens because they save energy and prolong the display’s life.

Dark themes such as those in Figure 4 are increasingly popular in mobile-app user interface design. They are attractive and draw more attention to the user interface. Designing dark themes requires that they be legible, stable, entertaining, and understandable. An app’s accessibility can be affected if a dark theme has been poorly designed.

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3D design trend

The 3D design trend is not new but is growing in popularity. For long, mobile apps and websites have used 3D graphics elements. However, in recent years, 3D features have been used differently in mobile-app design. These design elements serve more than a decorative purpose. Smartphones can process more complex 3D graphics because of their improved hardware capabilities.

Although designing 3D graphics for mobile apps is a difficult task, the results can be stunning. UX designers should remember to prioritize efficiency and not focus on wow effects when creating 3D graphics. This can make eCommerce more user-friendly by allowing users to view products 360 degrees.

3D effects can draw attention to an app and make it more attractive. To replicate real-world experiences, 3D effects are being used by many custom android app development services.

Multi-Directional Navigation

Multi-directional navigation makes a user’s journey more enjoyable and intuitive. For example, your app can be equipped with dynamic horizontal sliders instead of scrolling down and up through static menus.

This is an excellent trend for streaming services or apps that offer multiple products. Users will wait for less for your content to load by fitting it on one page.

Last Thoughts

A business that wants to grow must keep up with the latest mobile UI design trends. However, it can be time-consuming and challenging to keep up with all the latest trends and know the best ways of implementing them. Businesses often cannot afford to do this kind of research. Choosing a reputed mobile app development company like Appstudio can take on this responsibility. They monitor all trends closely and keep track of their relevance to ensure that they are always aware of new effects. They also conduct extensive research to determine the best solution for each business, as there is no one-size fits all solution.

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