Modernizing Medicine EMR Demo

Using Modernizing Medicine EMR Demo as your software solution could be a smart move for your practice. Its powerful features can help improve patient engagement and satisfaction. If you’re considering an EMR system for your practice, you should get quotes from several EHR vendors before making a decision. In addition, the company has a digital front door strategy, which can reduce no-shows and increase patient satisfaction.

Modernizing Medicine

Modernizing Medicine is a cloud-based medical records management software that provides tools for eight different practice specialties. Its impressive client satisfaction rate is 93%. It serves over 16,000 providers and 140,000 healthcare professionals. Its robust feature set helps it excel in customer service and engagement. Its customer support staff is available online, as well as through phone support.

This EMR software creates electronic records for patients, keeps track of clinical documentation, and helps medical providers better engage with their patients. It includes an online patient portal that provides patients with self-scheduling and appointment reminders. It also helps doctors keep track of insurance eligibility, and stores patients’ personal information securely.

Modernizing Medicine is a specialty-specific EMR, with integrated business services, analytics, and practical administration and management tools. The software provides a robust platform that helps doctors manage their practices, save time, and improve productivity. The EMR software can check patient eligibility before an appointment, provide follow-up care information, and recommend treatments based on the doctor’s recommendations. The system can also fax patient demographics to PCPs or referring physicians.

Modernizing Medicine is easy to learn, and it also offers a sandbox environment for a practice to test drive the software. Its support team was responsive, which was a big plus.


If you’re looking for an EMR demo, look no further. Modernizing Medicine’s solution is built by practicing physicians for physicians. The software is designed to improve practice efficiency and patient outcomes. The system is cloud-based, touch-based, and data-driven, and features specialty-specific functionality. It helps physicians manage patient data, automate billing, and enhance patient engagement.

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Modernizing Medicine is compatible with Kareo clearinghouse services and allows users to send unlimited electronic claims to insurers. It also offers bundle services that make clearinghouse services affordable and convenient for users. These clearinghouse services are included with the software subscription, so you don’t need to sign up separately. It also allows doctors to generate a patient handout that contains a diagnosis, prescription instructions, and post injection instructions. The handout is also accessible to patients on a patient portal.

Modernizing Medicine’s Healthcare IT Suite includes specialty-specific EHR software, practice management, business operations services, analytics, and patient portal. Other features of the software include patient portals, automated appointment reminders, and surveys. Modernizing Medicine also offers a mobile version for doctors who want to access their patient records from anywhere.

Cloud-based solution

Modernizing Medicine is a cloud-based EMR solution that includes tools for eight practice specialties, including dermatology, gastroenterology, orthopedics, otolaryngology, allergy and immunology practices, pain management, and more. The company has received high customer satisfaction ratings and has over 16,000 users. Client support is available online during business hours.

Modernizing Medicine has made it easy for medical practices to integrate its software into their workflow. It offers a variety of integrated solutions that support practice management, analytics, revenue cycle management, and business operations. These solutions can help improve workflow, save time, and increase efficiency. For example, users can use the software to check eligibility for patients prior to appointments, see what follow-up care a patient needs, and send patient reminders and surveys. It also streamlines workflow and offers patient engagement tools, including telehealth.

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EMA(tm) is Modernizing Medicine’s EMR solution for orthopedic practices. The cloud-based solution is designed to keep pace with the demands of changing technology. It’s designed to simplify the workflow for both patients and doctors and make life easier for them.

Patient portal

The Modernizing Medicine EMR Demo – Patient Portal is an interactive tool that can be customized to suit your practice’s workflow. It provides over 1,200 diagnoses and 200 histories, 400 plans, 1,000 anatomical parts, and more than 25,000 high-resolution medical images. It can also be used to streamline clinical documentation, with the system automatically generating notes, prescriptions, and patient education materials.

The Modernizing Medicine healthcare IT suite includes a cloud-based EMR and comprehensive practice management solutions for physicians and other healthcare professionals. Features include practice management, analytics, and patient engagement tools. The software supports multiple specialties, including pain medicine, ophthalmology, and dermatology practices. It also has an iPad-based version of its patient portal.

A patient portal enables patients to access their records anytime, anywhere. It provides secure online access to health information, including lab test results and prescriptions. Patients can also request appointments and reschedule them. Patients also have the ability to schedule appointments through the portal, which significantly reduces the need for patient phone calls.

The Modernizing Medicine EMR Demo – Patient Portal is a powerful patient portal that integrates patient information with practice management. It provides a complete set of patient-centric features. Its intuitive user interface is ideal for a variety of specialties, including pediatricians, family practitioners, and emergency room physicians. It can also support revenue management and billing.


Modernizing Medicine has developed an in-house telehealth solution. Available on all EHR platforms, this solution is designed for patients and clinicians alike. It also allows third-party vendors to integrate with its software. While they offer a telehealth integration, they also rely on specialized areas of the industry.

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The cloud-based Modernizing Medicine solution is user-friendly and supports a variety of mobile devices. It also includes a powerful adaptive learning engine that remembers physician preferences. The full suite includes Practice Management, Inventory Management, Business Operations Services, Analytics, and Telemedicine. The EMR solution is template-free and enables doctors to easily build patient profiles, diagnoses, and treatment programs without having to spend a lot of time formatting them.

Modernizing Medicine’s Electronic Medical Assistants (EMA) integrate with Kareo. Using this tool, clinicians can securely share patient data for e-prescribing. It also includes the Real-Time Prescription Benefit tool, which provides therapeutic alternatives. And with Electronic Prior Authorization, it can provide real-time authorization of prescriptions.

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Patient kiosks

The Modernizing Medicine EMR Demo features a patient kiosk that displays data in a way that is easy to understand. The kiosk uses a user-centered design approach and features large fonts, focused information, and a linear navigation design. This helps patients of all skill levels input data and validate data.

The kiosk allows patients to check-in and fill out insurance forms. It can be a freestanding or wall-mounted device, or a countertop module. It can be customized with signature or fingerprint pads, fingerprint scanners, and card scanners. It can also integrate with existing EHR software.

Patient kiosks are a valuable feature for doctors’ offices. They can help patients update their information and make appointments more convenient. They also help practices form relationships with patients and gain deeper insight into their health. They’re a great way to save time and money. A patient kiosk can save you a lot of paper.

Whether your practice needs a simple way to verify patients and collect co-payments, or you want to create a seamless interaction between your office and your patients, patient kiosks can help.

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