Moisturizer or Sunscreen: Which one to use first for skin protection?

Skincare is an important part of everyone’s routine. It is essential for maintaining healthy and naturally glowing skin. A daily skincare regimen incorporates the application of more than one product. Although some of these products can be skipped or used depending on one’s skin needs, both sunscreens and moisturizers are a must-have for your skin every day.

When you are planning to go for a picnic or visit outdoors, both sunscreens and moisturizers help in keeping your skin healthy and supple. 

However, people sometimes get in a state of confusion about whether to apply sunscreen first or moisturizer while they are doing their skincare routine. But, don’t worry, this write-up will help clear all your doubts.

Types Of Sunscreen

There are myriad sunscreen options available in the market. Each sunscreen differs in composition, who should use them and the way they protect your skin against the harmful rays of the Sun. Generally, sunscreens are available in two types:

  • Physical Sunscreen

Physical sunscreens behave as a protective shield because they deflect the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the Sun and do not allow them to penetrate your skin. Its composition includes zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.

  • Chemical Sunscreen

Chemical sunscreens absorb the UV rays and turn them into heat energy which slowly disappears from your skin. As it is formulated with octisalate, oxybenzone, etc., the chemical sunscreen soaks into the skin instantly and is most of the time water-resistant. Moreover, if activities like swimming make you sweat a lot, this kind of sunscreen will work effectively during such times and make you sweat less.

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Should You Apply Sunscreen Before Or After Moisturiser?

The answer to whether use sunscreen or moisturizer totally depends on what type of sunscreen you use. As per the advice of dermatologists, it is better to apply chemical sunscreen directly to your skin as its ingredients will be absorbed better and further ensure enhanced skin safety. So, if you use moisturizer before chemical sunscreen, the cream will act as a barrier and further stop the Sun rays from reaching your skin.

On the other hand,  physical sunscreens are ideal for use as a topmost layer as they reflect away the sunlight. Therefore, before its application, apply your other skincare products like face moisturizer first on your skin.

How long I should wait to apply moisturizer after sunscreen?

Sunscreen and moisturizers play an important role in one’s skincare regimen. The sunscreen safeguards your skin from Sun radiation and whereas the moisturizer gives your skin a boost of hydration. However, you should not use them one after the other right away or mix them together for the effective functioning of each product.

The right way to use both products on your skin is to ensure that the time gap between their application should be between 15 to 20 minutes. Once the first skincare essential is absorbed fully into your skin, then go for the second product. Following this notion, your moisturizer and sunscreen will not disrupt or cross-react with the functioning of each other.

If you are considering buying sunscreen, always buy a water-resistant one with SPF 30 or more which blocks UV A as well as UV B rays. Apart from this, you can also try a product which has properties of both moisturizer and sunscreen in them such as the Avon True Nutraeffects Day and Night Cream ranges from one of the best beauty and skincare companies ie., Avon. Formulated with SPF 30, anti-ageing and hydrating properties, their facial moisturizers will not only protect your skin efficiently but also deeply replenish it all the time.

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By following the above-mentioned recommendations, you can offer your skin optimum moisturization, rejuvenation and safety and also get long-lasting radiance.


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