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Most Commonly Used Threshold Ramps | Overcoming Thresholds


Overcome thresholds at home is a frequent issue for wheelchair users in general. 

The only thing you have to do before placing your order is to measure the threshold’s height and what type of wheelchair you are using, powered wheelchair, manual mobility scooter, or wheelchair, our ramps are also suitable for rollators or other mobility aids. 

When you’ve reached the height you require, just check it out and choose any of the options. If you’re unsure, you are able to ask our experts for assistance.

1. Rubber Threshold Ramps

For electric, manual scooters and wheelchairs

For heights that exceed 100mm/4 inches for heights up to 100mm/4inches, you can install Rubber Threshold Ramps on both sides of your doorway. If you have a narrower ledge inside this PVC doorway, it is possible to make a third threshold ramp that pushes upwards against the lower height to allow the user to easily get to the threshold and shield this threshold against the burden that the chairs. Because the ramps are made of rubber they can be cut to the size you require. They can also be placed in place and then put outside, so in a way, you can make them into a doormat.

2. Aluminium Threshold Ramps

Ideal for Manual Wheelchairs only

Because of the design that the ramps are asymmetrical, the height of each side of the threshold needs to be equal in order to ensure that the bridge ramp is firmly anchored on the ground. The ramps are offered in sizes up to 4″/100mm. They come with a non-slip finish. Just rest your feet over the threshold before you begin using. There is no installation needed.

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There are two bridges made of aluminum threshold ramps to choose from. The first one is simply made of aluminum. Another option comes with a black grip and a support structure that helps protect the threshold. The ramps are able to hold up to 350kg, which is more than enough for the person who is pushing the wheelchair up the ramp.

3. Fiberglass Threshold Ramps

Ideal for powered or manual wheelchairs

Created for a variety of situations and applications the threshold ramps made of fiberglass are an ideal lightweight solution to carry around and simple to use.

a) Flexible Fibreglass Bridge Ramp

We have our Folding Fibreglass Threshold is an ideal, lightweight solution to overcome thresholds with heights as high as 152mm.

The legs can be adjusted, which means they can be used even if the threshold heights on the opposite end of the threshold is different. Simply alter the legs to your desired height, put them on top of the threshold, and begin using! They come with a black anti-slip surface. They measure 700mm wide and are ideal for fitting into the doorways of your home.

b) A Wedge of Fibreglass Threshold Ramps

The ramp is designed to suit a range of scenarios and uses The fiberglass threshold ramp is a fantastic option for those who use manual wheelchairs and those who are having difficulty traversing an entryway. This wedge-shaped ramp can be easily placed near the threshold. The ramp is available in heights as high as 150mm.

4. Combination Channel Ramps

Only suitable for manual wheelchairs.

These Combination Channel Ramps provide an ideal, light solution for crossing thresholds on manual wheelchairs. They come in lengths that go up to 10 feet. The ramps can be telescopic as well as folding to make them easy to store. The hinged portion of the ramp lets you effortlessly bridge and over the threshold. Furthermore, ramps can be utilized in all lengths to provide a 10ft ramp that will allow users to reach heights of that are up to 50cm/20″.

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Our premium Combination Channel Ramps offer slightly larger channels and a width of 270mm. They are made in Sweden and come with a five-year guarantee write for us.

5. A Folding Drive-in Ramp

Ideal for powered or manual wheelchairs

The Swedish-constructed Folding Drive In Ramp is ideal for thresholds that are up to 150mm. The aluminum ramp is lightweight and can be put in place thanks to the tail that folds up. Just flip the second section of the ramp on the main ramp when the ramp isn’t needed, and you can shut your doors. This ramp is ideal for PVC doors and comes with 300kg of capacity.

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